Celtics = SOFT

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    Re: Celtics = SOFT

    I doubt having 7 footers makes any difference....  its really not all about height...

    Look at the NBA leaders in rebounds, they arent the 7 footers and many of them are PF's..

    Its about desire, power, anticipation and effort.. prob a few more things i cant think of too..

    I remember Barkley and Rodman putting up wild rebound numbers..they were shrimps comparatively speaking..  Sully could fall into the category of a good rebounder if he gets the PT...

    Also remember Doc's been sending his team back on defense and forgetting about offensive rebounds...  and KG is easily pushed around and he cant move or jump like he used to.. Many of his boards in his younger years were due to athleticism...  and with KG playing a perimeter game...  hes removed from the offensive boards by default.

    We are soft but thats not an indictment on the players..its who the Celtics wanted to have here. Perks gone, Sheed, PJ Brown.. Paul Silas cant play anymore, neither can Cowens or a list of other "small" rebounders.. Its the team and system the C's wanted... we have to live with it




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