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Celtics Summer League Game #3

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    Re: Celtics Summer League Game #3

    Marcus banks was the next great pg, even LaFraud said so! How did that work out. Looks good against rookies and 12th men, we shall see. K.O and Green could create good mismatches inside out though.

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    Re: Celtics Summer League Game #3

    Whats the story with Mitchell's shooting? I have been impressed with all aspects of his game and then every once in a while he throws up and airball from deep. Can we just chalk that up to adrenalin? How did he shoot in the d league last year anyone know?

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    Re: Celtics Summer League Game #3

    In response to Fierce34's comment:

    The Celts struck gold with Oly.

    Usually players that succeed in the summer league also end up having success in the regular season. Last season it was Lillard and Sully.

    Olynyk is an extraordinary offensive player. There are only a handful of players I have seen with his multiple moves. The people bashing him on this tread are wrong.

    And yes, he is better than Eurosoft Gasol....not as a center, but as a scoring 4.

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    Re: Celtics Summer League Game #3

    Geez people comparing him to Gasol doesn't mean he's better than Gasol but patterns of his game are similar. Him being able to play C/PF are similar.

    Why is it every time someone compares a young player to an established player people think you are saying he's as good as the established player. Nooooo..just similar games so it gives people a reference point.

    Pressey reminds me of Dana Barros.

    The guys that make the Celtics off this team are KO, Melo, Iverson, Mitchell and Pressey.



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    Re: Celtics Summer League Game #3

    I don't see the comparison of Larry legend, Gasol, or Dirk to KO. What I saw is Kelly Olynyk with a smooth stroke and multiple movements around the perimeter, I can't imagine how he is going to operates against the solid NBA big men during the regular season. His defense has lots to be desired and his positioning for rebounding needs to be corrected although he got a good vision and has good shot selection. Last night when he was taken-out from the line-up the Pacers makes a 9-0 run until he return and restored order in the court. 

    Over all grade for his 3 games:

    (A+ for Offense and  C+ for defense)  B+

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    Re: Celtics Summer League Game #3

    If we sign Fav, Melo is gone.

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    Re: Celtics Summer League Game #3

    I haven't had a chance to watch summer league, but will hopefully catch the next game.  To RALLYC, come on bruh, stay on topic.  Yet another jab at RR?  This is about the games and the current players playing in summer league.

    Born and Raised in LA and I bleed kelly green!!!!!!!  Go Boston.  A fan since 1980....

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    "The Clinic" Olynyk

    I love the nick.  But, um, yeah, let's not get carried away.  I wish I had seen the games instead of just the highlights on youtube, but:  that one drive up the the length against indy - handling the ball - that was impressive.  the turnarouns???  are you kidding me?  He is definitely NBA ready with all that offensive diversity.

    Just to weigh in on the Gasol comparison:  it's not fair to call Gasol soft.  Any guy who has thrived in the NBA post as long as he has can't be called soft.  I hope Olynyk is as soft as Gasol...(in fact, I always rather thought Pau would look good in green).  Maybe this guy will be our very versatile power forward for several years.  I don't see him playing the 5 hole, so we still need a legitmate center.  I haven't seen much of Melo, but you guys are saying it's probaly not gonna be him.  I wonder....?  What ever happend to the discussions about the Polish Hammer?

    Lastly, it's still very premature to pass judgement on Rondo.  Without Rondo we haven't got an NBA point guard which makes offense a cluster f@%k.  With Rondo I think we have a serviceable team.  Like I said before, mark me down for 31 wins and a trip to the lottery...we will be mediocre but not terrible in  the upcoming season.

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    Re: Celtics Summer League Game #3

    A Jeff Green, KO, and Sully frontcourt will be very difficult to defend.  You put a normal defensive skill level 6'8" guy on any of those 3 and the C's have a nice advantage.  And they all can, and will, pass.  I see good ball movemment and lots of easy shots coming from 3 guys who will hit open shots and will make free throws.  Fast break points from Rondo, Bradley and Green will be gravy.  It is up to Coach Brad to come with up with the innovative defensive covers for Sully and KO.  That was a strength of the Butler Bulldogs.  They would hold the big name schools, with the big name recruits, to a frustrating low scoring game.