Ray is either staying or leaving but I don't think the C's will be getting anything for him, nor do I think anyone substantial is coming to Boston for the vet min or bi-annual, so we might as well see if Sully can get his shot off against NBA bigs, if JJ has put on any muscle, if Melo has the ability to log major mins at the 5 this year, and/or if either Moore or Joseph can stay with the big club.


Monday July 9
1 PM — OKC vs. Boston
Tuesday July 10
5 PM — Brooklyn vs. Boston
Wednesday July 11
11 AM — Indiana vs. Boston
Thursday July 12
11 AM — Detroit vs. Boston
Friday July 13
10 AM — Orlando vs. Boston


Monday July 16
1 PM — Atlanta vs. Boston
Tuesday July 17

7 PM — Chicago vs. Boston
Thursday July 19
3:30 PM — Boston vs. Sacramento
Saturday July 21
7:30 PM — Milwaukee vs. Boston
Sunday July 22
3 PM — Boston vs. LA Clippers