Celtics vs. E.Armani 10/07/12

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    Re: Celtics vs. E.Armani 10/07/12

    I didn't watch either of the overseas games,but from reading the accounts of both games Green and Sullinger appear to have enjoyed their stay in Europe! Sullinger wasn't the NCAA player of the year runner-up 2 years ago because he stinks! He is a fundementally sound low post player who is similiar in size to Big Baby Davis only difference is he can  rebound and positions himself really well,plus on offense he draws fouls and hits his FT's. As for Jeff Green I'm sure that his return being successful is only a secondary thought,when comparing it to having Heart suirgery and surviving!!!! Lets all just hope tha Chris Wilcox regains his health and is able to contribute too another banner in the TD north era.

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    Re: Celtics vs. E.Armani 10/07/12

    If we were to go with the same line of thinking as the Laker trolls who were on this board for the preseason game a few days ago, we might as well crown the Celtics as the next NBA champs after the great win tonight!! hahaha

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    Re: Celtics vs. E.Armani 10/07/12

    guyfromtex, I think that is why Celtics fans are unique - we usually don't have the same unrealistic line of thinking as other fans.

    Realistically, it's only 2 preseason games.  I think there is a tremendous gap between acknowledging the very impressive play of some players and predicting the Celtics will be crowned champions.  We're a long way from June 2013.

    I think its fair to talk about the surprisingly good play of both Sullinger and Green (and Terry and Rondo) without proclaiming ourselves to be the next NBA champions.

    Pierce even looks to be in shape and has looked good also.

    We look good but I'll reserve any talk of a championship until June.  I still think we need a pure backup PG.