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Celtics vs Knicks 03/26/13

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    Re: Celtics vs Knicks 03/26/13

    Not bashing PP as he has contributed positively for soooo long, but I do not think that PP should not be handling the ball nowadays unless he is going to shoot ala Ray Lewis.  There was a time when PP could effectively get the ball, drive to the basket in traffic and either make the shot or draw a foul, but I do believe those days are over.  Lately, and more often than not PP turns the ball over in traffic and/or gets called for a foul for charging.  PP should just roam the perimiter, wait for ball and then fire away ala Ray Lewis.  No more trying to drive to the basket in traffic.    Leave that to the younger more athletic Celts if there are any.    

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    Re: Celtics vs Knicks 03/26/13

    Your right the days of running the offence through Pierce are over. Unfortunately no one else seems capable  . Someone besides me should have seen this when Rondo went down,  Some thought we could do it because the Heat can . They forgot James playes in Miami not Boston.