Celtics waive Keyon Dooling

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    Re: Celtics waive Keyon Dooling

    Yeah, the agent just said he's not playing for the Heat.  I also agree with Raider, that Terry should be a SG.....

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    Re: Celtics waive Keyon Dooling

    both bradley and terry can handle the back-up point to some extent, but I don't think either is a great option for a full season.

    if only for insurance purposes it'd be nice to see a legit back-up brought in, though in the past Danny has demonstrated that he doesn't think this is a big priority (perhaps because he himself was a combo guard?)... it'll also be difficult to find a spot if the whole team is healthy to start with a roster that could consist of rondo; bradley; lee; terry; garnett; bass; pierce; green; wilcox; milicic; collins; sullinger... carrying a back-up pg might mean someone like collins going or sullinger being left of the 12 man roster? 

    Joseph and Melo likely fill the 13th and 14th spot so it comes down to Bradley's health and whether they bring in another experienced point guard in terms of determining whether there is one spot, two spots, or no spots for Smith, Christmas, Williams, Kurz, Downs, et al. 

    While this team may not have the superstar talent of the Lakers; OKC; or Miami it is a deep roster with some well-rounded, versatile players 1-10. There's enough young talent to mix with the veterans and a very solid bench. Pierce and Garnett will obviously have gotten a year older, but the infusion of Lee, Green, a healthy Wilcox, Terry, Milicic, and Collins as a replacement for Stiemsma, Allen, Pietrus, Pavlovic, Hollins, Daniels, and Dooling is a huge upgrade.

    One can't really count on rookies for anything, but say someone like Sullinger surprised and could actually play at a high level, this team could legitimately win a championship. At the very least Danny has done a great job of putting something together here that's a far cry from the mediocrity that dooms franchises. This is a team that no one would be shocked to see make it to a conference final and that's saying something. Given Rose's health the only teams you can say for certain are better are Miami and OKC. The Lakers could very well be great (there's no denying the potential of any team that can run out Howard, nash, bryant and gasol on the court), but they are very thin and who knows how it will go. 

    It's tough to project going forward how they survive when garnett and pierce depart, but there are pieces begining to fall into place and besides, that's for another day - this team can play as is for this year and next. At least there is a core developing with rondo, lee, bass, bradley, sullinger, etc. and while finding stars is a riduclously difficult task without being really bad first and drafting high (OKC) and/or being in one of the cities/teams where the FAs want to play (LAKRS/MIA/NY/ BROOK/CLIPPRS), who could have foreseen garnett and allen walking through the door? The only franchises who win consistently who do not fall into that category are Dallas and San Antonio. While San Antonio owes a lot of its recent success to Duncan, these are examples of franchises that for whatever reason (cuban's money/pop's coaching, etc.) have stability and can attract quality veterans. Franchises like Indiana and Memphis are good but have yet to prove they're anything more than that,