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Celts Counting on Shaq for the Playoffs?

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    Re: Celts Counting on Shaq for the Playoffs?

    They don't need Shaq as long as Jermaine O'Neal can handle 25-30 minutes and Krstic 15. That means no swelling for JO and he's moving around close to the year before this one and before he tailed off against the Celtics in the playoffs. If Shaq can also handle his 15-20, then Doc will have a surplus of diversified bigs to pick and choose from. I don't know about Shaq returning as soon as it says today in the paper, but I think Shaq will be able to get through the playoffs. It would be nice to have him if we play Orlando or Los Angeles. Every other team he's not necessary if Jermaine and Nenad are relatively healthy. There is a definite chemistry with Shaq playing with the Big Four. He's still somewhat of a scoring machine and takes some pressure off the other guys.
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    Re: Celts Counting on Shaq for the Playoffs?

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    Only half right. In the east the Celts can beat any team that's in the playoffs right now. Even without Shaq. Sure Shaq will help, about a 10% boost on offense, but it's not true when they say Shaq will have to carry the Celts to another championship. The Celts will win the east with JO, Krstic, and Baby at Center.  This year the Celts beat the Lakers, at Staples, even when Shaq was scoreless. The rematch in Boston, a few weeks later, was a different story. Shaq didn't play and the Celts lost. This time Andrew Bynum was not in foul trouble and he killed the Celts on the boards. Even with Perk starting and playing well the Celts couldn't stop the Lakers.  Last June Celtic fans saw how Perk and Sheed were unable to take advantage of an Andrew Bynum playing with one leg. I'm a Celtic fan, but even I don't think the series would have gone to 7 games if Bynum was healthy. The Celts need Shaq because Andrew Bynum must be contained or neutralized. 
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    WOW!!! smartest thing i have ever heard you say!!! You're finally facing reality!  That the championship comes thru Los Angeles!!!!!!!!!!!