Celts Dodged 2 Bad Backs

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    Re: Celts Dodged 2 Bad Backs

    Many players look great on paper but do not fit a team or system! Recent examples, Stoudemire in NY and R. Sessions in LA! Good teams give the above stated careful consideration before pulling the trigger on a trade and or free agent signing!
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    Re: Celts Dodged 2 Bad Backs

    If you guys trade Sully before you give him some playing time it would be a HUGE mistake. He may even make you guys forget about the dude from Cleveland.  I can see him hauling down just as many rebounds,  defense not quite as good, but would get better, and a LOT better shooter.  This is your best draft pick since Rondo.
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    Re: Celts Dodged 2 Bad Backs

    In Response to Re: Celts Dodged 2 Bad Backs:
    rame Once again you're making excuses. Kaman didn't become a Celtic. Ilyasova and Jason Thompson didn't become Celtic players. Moultrie is not going to get an opportunity to play C with Philly. Sure all those are not predictions, but you speculated and it didn't come true. Don't worry, whether Varejao becomes a Celtic or not, when the time comes I'll make a thread about it.
    Posted by Fiercest34

    Ha, good to see your immaturity will rule out by the end of the day as always. I'm not predicting we get Varejao, but I will sadly await the day you start a 'na-

    If you take issue with speculating and discussing what moves would help this team that is strange, but so be it, stay out of the conversations then if it is always going to be your goal to be miserable and point out months later that players others viewed as trade targets never arrived. That is the definition of what a negative loser does on a chat forum.

    You have done nothing to prove your thoughts and opinions more right than mine and if you cowardly hide from making 'speculative' trades for this team I can hardly blame you after your Rondo for Gasol blather wasted everyone's time for a solid 2 months. There are realistic options like Thompson, Varejao or Ilysova, good options that are unlikley b/c of the $ (like Kaman) and then the downright idiotic notions like Rondo for Gasol. Good to know what side I was on.

    Just like how I won arguments on injuries hurting the C's '10 title chances more than a drop in rebounding, the scouting report argument on Moultrie (he is NOT 'redundant with Jeff Green') and of course I just wrapped up the 'is Varejao a good trade option based in fit/need that C's can make an offer for that is fair to both teams?' argument as a big W as well.
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