CELTS +KNICKS are both 16-16...any doubt whose stock can only go up?

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    CELTS +KNICKS are both 16-16...any doubt whose stock can only go up?

    this is what it all comes down to, forget about the past and sentiments. if the celtics were a stock, would u buy it or load up on knicks stock? celtics right now are like 8-track as the 80s came and the cassette tape exploded, or what CDs did to cassettes and what itunes and google will soon do to CDs. things evolve.

    celts are right now the THIRD best team in its own division. this is sadly becoming like the celts of ainge's nightmare of the 1990s. you get snippets of greatness here and there and close performances and you start to believe in the kool-aid but its about sustainabilty. rr is a great player for no more than 2 straight games then he goes back to average or pass-only status. look at Lin, dude has had 7 out of 8 phenomenal games. who was the last celt to bring it game in and game out like that?  part of it is age, but a lot of it is scheming by the other teams. yesterday, mavs did everything to throw a monkey wrench in what that knicks have done. no problem, they went to jr smith, then to novak. with melo back, that stock will go through the roof for they will have a 3-headed monster of closing studs with amare still in his prime as a credible 4th option esp against lesser defenders (for u must put your best on the other 3). knicks can stretch the floor, create their own shots and take it to the rim, go long, go small ball, bring in their lock-down defensive unit, run and gun, you name it they can now do it. they have a huge room for error, celts must be PERFECT just to have a shot to keep it close.

    perfect under 90 point defense, big 3 all must shoot over 50% with under 5 turnovers collectively, we must not lose rebounding edge by more than 5, on and on and on. doc has not become a worse coach, he needs better horses. no doubt as season goes on, kg will decline as will ray. pp already glaringly is with all those minutes and that weird body of his. he simply cant finish at the rim or take elite defenders off the dribble anymore. our team simply is no longer elite. we are amongst the best of the middle or average. get in as the 6th or seventh seed at best and lose i n first round like late 80s and 90s or barely get to second round. fact is its all fool's gold and delusional. rondo is pouty and erratic but young and skilled, time to buid around him. love pp but he's a chip in a small window.

    loyalty only works if one's game commands it. pp's doesnt! i'll keep garnett for there's no real value for him at his present contract. pp and to a lesser degree jo and ray can get u pieces and draft picks. ainge is a great drafter. with rr around and guys like bradley, jj and moore and jeff green returning (thats your starting 3), we can do about the same as this year with better upside. worse case: rr, moore, green, jj and wilcox/gasol as your starters.. you can certainly be 16-16 or .500 wuth that unit as you rebuild and keep the fans with an exciting up-tempo athletic style.
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    Re: CELTS +KNICKS are both 16-16...any doubt whose stock can only go up?

    The Knicks have turned around their season and will probably end up the 5th seed or higher.  I don't see the Celtics climbing in the standings.