Celts vs. Nets

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    Re: Celts vs. Nets

    In response to BostonTrollSpanker's comment:

    "should have lost to the Heat and beat the Nets."

    Umm you realize Lebron didn't play right? 

    And also the Nets fighting for playoff position. 

    A motivated Nets team is better than a non-motivated Heat team without Lebron. 

    Also, we're not tanking in that intentional losing games meaning - few teams are. 

    The way teams are tanking is by getting rid of good players. We did some of that but Philly for example got rid of more good players than we did.

    Stevens is coaching to win with the talent he has....

    Which good players we traded?Pierce and Garnett ? Their careers were in decline.Was the rifht time to trade them.They are carrying the nets to the top.Kevin is hurt and is averaging 7 points/game.Paul is bench player still have some game.Trade them was a good move by Danny.We thanks them for the good contribuition to the celtic and to banner #17.Go celtics.


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