Center is a must!

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Center is a must! : id rather have a cavs fan rooting for the celts, that laker trolls trying to pass as Celtic fans...
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    Re: Center is a must!

    As much as I really wanted the Cs to make a run at McGee,there is no way in hel l we could get him from the Nuggets now. I am making prediction now; Denver will be one of the top 3 seeds in the West. The knock on Javalle has been his focus and maturity. Since he had that break out series vs the fakers,he has done and said all the right things. He hired Hakeem to work with him, he started working out right after the season and has admitted he now finally has learned that it is better to play defense than just to swat every shot into the 5th row. Looking at the team they have assembled Denver has flow under the national medias attention and have built a legit contender. As the 60 & 70s were the age of the Center,the 80s & 90s were about Gs the 2000s have been the era of the F. A center is important,but lately as specialising in filling a teams role than being the teams focal point.