Here it is....

1. New Orleans

Anthony Davis
Position: PF
Height: 6-foot-11
Weight: 222 pounds
Age: 19
School: Kentucky

Analysis: The Hornets' big trade with the Wizards last week
put their blueprint in sharp relief. This team is going
young and will build around Davis. While they won't be great
next season, they're building a rock-solid foundation. In
addition to the No. 1 pick, they now have plenty of cap room
to re-sign Eric Gordon and another significant free agent,
plus the No. 10 pick.

2. Charlotte

Thomas Robinson
Position: PF
Height: 6-foot-9
Weight: 244 pounds
Age: 21
School: Kansas

Analysis: Robinson is a bit of a placeholder right now. The
Bobcats have had all the major players in for workouts, but
are in the process of seeing if they'd be better off trading
this pick. As we've reported the past three weeks, they're
looking for multiple young assets in return.

The most likely scenario has the Bobcats swapping the No. 2
pick with Cleveland for the No. 4 pick and either pick No.
24 or picks Nos. 33 and 34. Obviously the Bobcats would
prefer the 24th pick, but the Cavs would prefer to hold on
to it. While the Cavs aren't the only team that's in play
for the pick, they have the most realistic scenario right
now and would likely take Bradley Beal at No. 2. But if the
Bobcats keep the pick, it sounds like Robinson has a slight
edge here.

3. Washington

Bradley Beal
Position: SG
Height: 6-foot-5
Weight: 202 pounds
Age: 18
School: Florida

Analysis: The Wizards made the first big trade of the
offseason, sending Rashard Lewis and the 46th pick to New
Orleans for Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza. With the deal,
the Wizards essentially upgraded their front court -- Okafor
will likely be their starting 5, Nene their starting 4 and
Ariza their starting 3.

With John Wall running the point, that leaves them with one
big hole at the 2. I think this makes Bradley Beal a
no-brainer for the Wizards, who are lacking a lights-out
perimeter shooter. He's a perfect fit for this new roster.
And if the Wizards believe they are in danger of losing
Beal, don't be surprised if they offer the Bobcats the No.
32 pick to move up one spot. If Beal is off the board, it
looks like Harrison Barnes is plan B.

4. Cleveland

Harrison Barnes
Position: SF
Height: 6-foot-8
Weight: 228 pounds
Age: 20
School: North Carolina

Analysis: Ideally, the Cavs would like to move up to the No.
2 spot to grab Beal. But the price is high and they may
decide to settle at No. 4. If they do, they have a tough
choice between Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Harrison Barnes.

Over the past few days, it appears Barnes has moved ahead of
Kidd-Gilchrist on the Cavs' board. The team needs shooters
and feels like he's further along. They love Kidd-Gilchrist
too, but it sounds like he's become a tougher sell thanks to
his limited offensive repertoire.

5. Sacramento

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
Position: SF
Height: 6-foot-8
Weight: 233 pounds
Age: 18
School: Kentucky

Analysis: In a lot of ways, if Kidd-Gilchrist falls here,
it's a godsend for Sacramento. The Kings are loaded with
players who want to jack up 20 shots a game. Kidd-Gilchrist
is the only guy in this range that can dramatically impact
the game without the ball in his hands. He's also a
high-character player who will add toughness and a winning
attitude to the locker room.

The Kings have also explored trading down in the draft (the
Rockets seem to be the team with the most interest) and
could look to add players such as John Henson (whom they've
been high on all year) and Moe Harkless (who works out for
them on Monday) if they swap No. 5 for Houston's Nos. 14 and

6. Portland (via Nets)

Damian Lillard
Position: PG
Height: 6-foot-3
Weight: 189 pounds
Age: 21
School: Weber State

Analysis: The Blazers need a point guard and a big man.
They'll have to make a very tough choice here between
Lillard and Andre Drummond. Lillard is a steady, athletic
guard who can shoot the lights out and get to the rim.
Drummond is a super athletic big man who can block shots.
While teams usually opt for size, the fact that Drummond is
two to three years away might tip the scale toward Lillard.
The Blazers, remember, aren't rebuilding, they're retooling.
Dion Waiters is the sleeper pick here.

7. Golden State

Andre Drummond
Position: C
Height: 7-foot-0
Weight: 279 pounds
Age: 18
School: UConn

Analysis: The Warriors are desperate to add an athletic big
to their front line. So Drummond should be a no-brainer,
right? Wrong. The front office and ownership also love
players with a great motor, which Drummond lacks. But while
he's not an ideal fit, I don't think the Warriors will be
able to pass on Drummond if he slides this far. If they do
pass on him, however, Dion Waiters and Tyler Zeller are in
the mix.

The dark-horse pick is Washington's Terrence Ross. Jerry
West is a big fan and was the mastermind behind last year's
Klay Thompson pick. Ross isn't a perfect fit either, but the
Warriors will focus on collecting assets at this point.

8. Toronto

Dion Waiters
Position: SG
Height: 6-foot-4
Weight: 221 pounds
Age: 20
School: Syracuse

Analysis: I don't believe the Raptors promised to pick
Waiters at No. 8; most signs point to the Suns making him
that promise at No. 13. However, Toronto is the only team
that has worked him out and really needs a guard who can get
to the basket at will.

Jeremy Lamb and Austin Rivers are also possibilities here,
but from everything I can gather, Waiters is in the lead.

9. Detroit

Meyers Leonard
Position: C
Height: 7-foot-1
Weight: 250 pounds
Age: 20
School: Illinois

Analysis: The Pistons had a huge workout scheduled for
Monday with Leonard, Tyler Zeller, Perry Jones, Terrence
Jones, John Henson and Jared Sullinger. Going into the
workout, it looked like Leonard and Henson had a slight edge
over the rest of the group.

The Pistons really want to move Greg Monroe back over to the
4 and need a big, physical center to guard the paint.
Leonard could be that guy. However, the team also sees
Henson, with his elite shot-blocking ability, as a potential
fit, and he could very well be the guy.

10. New Orleans (via Wolves)

Austin Rivers
Position: SG
Height: 6-foot-5
Weight: 203 pounds
Age: 19
School: Duke

Analysis: After the first nine picks, things start to break
down a little bit. The Hornets can go in a lot of directions
and are also exploring trades. Sources say they offered the
Rockets the 10th pick for Nos. 14 and 16 but were turned
down last week.

If they keep the pick, they really need help at center,
point guard and small forward. While Rivers doesn't fill any
of those positions, I'm told the Hornets have been enamored
with him. Tyler Zeller, Jeremy Lamb and Moe Harkless are
other possibilities here.

11. Portland

Tyler Zeller
Position: C
Height: 7-foot-0
Weight: 247 pounds
Age: 22
School: North Carolina

Analysis: If the Blazers go with a guard at No. 6, don't be
surprised if they go big with their other selection. Zeller
isn't a sexy pick, but he is capable of playing right now,
has solid size for his position and runs the floor well.
Other possibilities here include Dion Waiters, Austin
Rivers, Jeremy Lamb and Terrence Ross.

12. Milwaukee

Terrence Ross
Position: SG
Height: 6-foot-7
Weight: 197 pounds
Age: 21
School: Washington

Analysis: The Bucks really need a center, but with the top
three big men off the board, I think they'll decide to
reverse gears and fill a need in their backcourt. The Bucks
are devoid of shooters and Ross has a very pretty stroke and
good size for his position. Lamb and Harkless are other
possibilities here.

13. Phoenix

Jeremy Lamb
Position: SG
Height: 6-foot-5
Weight: 179 pounds
Age: 20
School: UConn

Analysis: Lamb suffered a high ankle sprain in a workout in
Toronto and has struggled to get well enough again to resume
workouts. While GMs think he's talented, they have
questioned his toughness. His inability to work out has hurt
him a bit, too.

However, Lamb went into Phoenix over the weekend and toughed
out a workout on the bad ankle. A source in Phoenix told me
they were actually impressed with his toughness and
willingness to fight through the workout. His performance
there could keep him in the lottery. If Lamb is gone,
Terrence Ross, Dion Waiters and Austin Rivers are all
possibilities here. So is Arnett Moultrie.

14. Houston

John Henson
Position: PF
Height: 6-foot-10
Weight: 216 pounds
Age: 21
School: North Carolina

Analysis: The Rockets have to be disappointed that all of
the top wings and top centers are off the board at No. 14.
They've been very active in trade calls and are looking at
everything from moving up into the top five (I believe Andre
Drummond is their target) to moving out of the draft.

The name of the game for Houston now is all about collecting
assets. Henson is both a terrific shot-blocker and
rebounder. He lacks strength, but he's rangy. If he bulks
up, he could be a force in the paint down the road.

15. Philadelphia

Perry Jones III
Position: PF
Height: 6-foot-11
Weight: 234 pounds
Age: 20
School: Baylor

Analysis: Jones may be the toughest player in the draft to
project right now. Everyone is both scared to take him and
scared not to take him. I heard the same assessment from a
number of NBA GMs over the past few weeks.

Whichever GM overcomes his fear first gets a 6-foot-11 super
athletic forward who lacks the motor or toughness that
teams usually look for in a big man. At some point the
reward outweighs the risk and that calculation probably
starts here. Terrence Ross, Arnett Moultrie, Moe Harkless
and Jared Sullinger are other possibilities here.

16. Houston (via Knicks)

Moe Harkless
Position: SF
Height: 6-foot-9
Weight: 207 pounds
Age: 19
School: St. John's

Analysis: The Rockets are looking for assets as they try to
package players to facilitate a trade. Adding Harkless to
their stock of young players may be a smart move. Lots of
teams have shown interest in him. He is athletic, has great
upside and can defend multiple positions. He's sort of a
young Trevor Ariza.

17. Dallas

Terrence Jones
Position: PF
Height: 6-foot-10
Weight: 252 pounds
Age: 20
School: Kentucky

Analysis: Rejoice, Mavs fans. After weeks and weeks of
having Kendall Marshall going No. 17 to the Mavs, we have a
new name for you. While I still believe the Mavs really like
Marshall, it would be tough to pass on Jones here. His
versatility, rebounding and shot-blocking would all be
welcome in Big D. The Mavs are another team that has been
actively exploring moving up in the draft the past few days.

18. Wolves (via Jazz)

Arnett Moultrie
Position: PF
Height: 6-foot-11
Weight: 223 pounds
Age: 21
School: Mississippi State

Analysis: The Wolves are really hoping that a sweet-shooting
2-guard falls to them here. Alas, it looks like they'll all
be taken in the lottery. That leaves them with three
options: (1) They can go with an athletic big man, such as
Moultrie, Fab Melo or a real dark horse like Miles Plumlee;
(2) they can reach for the next best 2-guard, Will Barton;
(3) they could try to use forward Derrick Williams as trade
bait to move up in the draft.

19. Orlando

Jared Sullinger
Position: PF
Height: 6-foot-9
Weight: 268 pounds
Age: 20
School: Ohio State

Analysis: I'm not sure when the bleeding will end for
Sullinger, whose stock is falling now that concerns about
his back have every GM in the league a bit skittish.
However, sources say the Suns and Sixers are still
considering him in the mid-first round.

The Magic could also use a real low-post scorer. Sullinger
is the top talent left on the board and a player who could
come in and immediately contribute.

20. Denver

Kendall Marshall
Position: PG
Height: 6-foot-4
Weight: 198 pounds
Age: 20
School: North Carolina

Analysis: Andre Miller's contract is up with the Nuggets
this summer and, in most every way, Marshall is the perfect
replacement. They have similar builds and games. While Ty
Lawson is the clear starter in Denver, the Nuggets could
really use depth at the position. Royce White and Andrew
Nicholson are both options here as well.

21. Boston

Royce White
Position: SF
Height: 6-foot-8
Weight: 261 pounds
Age: 21
School: Iowa State

Analysis: According to sources, White pulled out of all his
remaining workouts Thursday and has gone silent. He's not
injured, and sources claim he's received a coveted
first-round promise from a team. Promises are notoriously
hard to pin down, but two sources are pointing in the
direction of the Celtics.

As long as coach Doc Rivers can buy into what White is (a
ballhandling power forward) and figure out how to play him,
he could be a steal at this point in the draft.

22. Boston (via Clippers)

Andrew Nicholson
Position: PF
Height: 6-foot-10
Weight: 234 pounds
Age: 22
School: St. Bonaventure

Analysis: Nicholson is another draft sleeper who might
really rise with workouts. He's a big stretch 4 who has
drawn some comparisons to David West. He would be another
welcome addition to the Celtics' summer makeover.

23. Atlanta

Tony Wroten Jr.
Position: PG
Height: 6-foot-6
Weight: 203 pounds
Age: 18
School: Washington

Analysis: The Hawks don't have any depth behind point guard
Jeff Teague. Sources say that over the past few weeks
they've become enamored with Wroten. His shot is broken and
he can be wild, but he has enormous upside as a big point
guard who can see the floor and get to the basket.

24. Cavs (via Lakers)

Fab Melo
Position: C
Height: 7-foot
Weight: 255 pounds
Age: 22
School: Syracuse

Analysis: If the Cavs go small with their first pick, Melo
could be a nice get with No. 24. He's big and athletic and
he could end up being a terrific shot-blocker. The fact that
they have fellow Brazilian Anderson Varejao to mentor him
is a bonus.

25. Memphis

Marquis Teague
Position: PG
Height: 6-foot-2
Weight: 180 pounds
Age: 19
School: Kentucky

Analysis: The Grizzlies lack great depth at the point guard
position behind Mike Conley (unless you're the guy who
somehow voted Josh Selby to the all-rookie third team).
Teague, had he stayed in school another year, would've been
a likely top-10 pick in 2013. For a team like the Grizzlies,
they can't afford to pass on his talent here.

26. Indiana

Draymond Green
Position: SF
Height: 6-foot-8
Weight: 236 pounds
Age: 22
School: Michigan State

Analysis: The Pacers have a big workout scheduled for
Tuesday with Green, Will Barton, Kim English and Jeff Taylor
which could decide the No. 26 pick. I'm hearing
increasingly that the Pacers are very high on Green. He's a
smart, tough player who can come in and fill a need
immediately for Indiana. Larry Bird has made similar picks
in years past and done OK with them. I don't think Green
slides past here. If he's off the board, Barton could be the

27. Miami

Jeff Taylor
Position: SF
Height: 6-foot-7
Weight: 212 pounds
Age: 23
School: Vanderbilt

Analysis: The Heat could use Taylor's elite athletic
ability, lockdown defense and spot-up shooting. He can't
create his own shot, but no one will ask him to in Miami,
making this the perfect spot for him to land.

28. Oklahoma City

Evan Fournier
Position: SG
Height: 6-foot-7
Weight: 206 pounds
Age: 19
Country: France

Analysis: Fournier is the type of player that the Thunder
can easily stash for a year or two in Europe. Or, given the
high level he has played at in France, he might be able to
come in and get minutes for them right away -- especially if
the Thunder decide they can't afford to re-sign James
Harden this summer.

29. Chicago

Will Barton
Position: SG
Height: 6-foot-6
Weight: 174 pounds
Age: 21
School: Memphis

Analysis:The Bulls are looking at a number of 2-guard
options here, but over the past few weeks, Barton has
separated himself from the pack. He could go as high as 18
to the Wolves and I don't think he slides past Chicago here.

30. Golden State (via Spurs)

Quincy Miller
Position: SF
Height: 6-foot-10
Weight: 219 pounds
Age: 19
School: Baylor

Analysis: There are a lot of concerns about his knee and
what position he'll play in the NBA. But his upside is so
high that it might be worth taking a gamble this low in the
first round. There's very little risk and a lot of potential
reward here.

31. Charlotte Bobcats

Kim English | SG | Missouri

If the Bobcats go big with their first pick, don't be
surprised if they go with a shooter at No. 31. English's
stock has risen through the roof the last month as he has
wowed teams with his shooting ability in workouts. He's now
getting serious consideration in the late first round. I
don't think he slides out of the 30s on draft night.

32. Washington Wizards

Scott Machado | PG | Iona

No one in Washington is totally sure whether John Wall is
really a point guard. Machado, however, is the second-best
pure point guard in the draft. He lacks Wall's athletic
abilities, but some believe he sees the floor as well or
better than Kendall Marshall. He'd be a very nice get for
the Wizards at 32.

33. Cleveland Cavaliers

John Jenkins | SG | Vanderbilt

The Cavs are hoping to load up on shooters and need help at
the 2. Jenkins may be the best long-range sniper in the
draft. He has a super-quick release and is aggressive
hunting for his shot.

34. Cleveland Cavaliers (via New Orleans)

Kostas Papanikolaou | SF | Greece

Papanikolaou really impressed a number of NBA GMs and scouts
at the Euroleague Final Four this year with his lockdown
defense on Andrei Kirilenko. Ironically, the player he's
compared to the most is Omri Casspi, the Cavs' current
starting small forward. Papanikolaou is a draft-and-stash
prospect. He won't be in the NBA for at least one more

35. Golden State Warriors (via Brooklyn)

Kyle O'Quinn | C | Norfolk State

The Warriors feel that O'Quinn is an underrated big who
plays hard and has the length to be a 5 in the league. Yes,
they took Andre Drummond at No. 7 in our mock, but in the
NBA, you need all the bigs you can get.

36. Sacramento Kings

Miles Plumlee | PF | Duke

Plumlee's stock has also risen dramatically over the course
of the last month. Despite his pedestrian numbers at Duke,
teams are intrigued with his elite athletic abilities and
rebounding. Could be the next Jeff Foster.

37. Toronto Raptors

Jared Cunningham | SG | Oregon State

Many scouts believe Cunningham could be the true sleeper of
this draft. He's an elite athlete who flies up and down the
floor. If he can make the transition to point guard, he
could be a sort of poor man's Russell Westbrook.

38. Denver Nuggets (via Golden State)

Mike Scott | PF | Virginia

Scott is another player who has been moving up draft boards
with excellent workouts. Several teams said he has outplayed
several higher-ranked prospects in their workouts, and it's
clear Scott is getting some looks late in the first round.
The Nuggets know all about drafting for production. It paid
off with Kenneth Faried last year and could again this year.

39. Detroit Pistons

Festus Ezeli | C | Vanderbilt

The Pistons have a dearth of big men in the middle, and if
Ezeli slides this far, they'll pick him right up. He's not
flashy, but he could have a long career as a backup 5 in
the league.

40. Portland Trail Blazers (via Minnesota)

Orlando Johnson | SG | UC-Santa Barbara

Johnson was one of the best scorers in college basketball.
His freakishly long wingspan, NBA body and shooting ability
could all come in handy to provide depth for the Blazers.

41. Portland Trail Blazers

Tomas Satoransky | SG | Czech Republic

Satoransky is a super-talented wing who excels with the ball
in his hands. He's not a great shooter but plays with a
great motor, like Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, and can affect the
game without scoring. He would be a nice stash pick for the
Blazers here.

42. Milwaukee Bucks

Furkan Aldemir | PF | Turkey

The Turkish big man is an excellent rebounder. However, he
lacks elite athleticism and ideal size for his position,
dropping him into the second round.

43. Atlanta Hawks (via Phoenix)

Doron Lamb | SG | Kentucky

The Hawks can always use guards who can really stroke the
basketball. Lamb is in contention with John Jenkins for the
best sniper in the draft.

44. Detroit Pistons (via Houston)

Kevin Murphy | SF | Tennessee Tech

The Pistons could really use another shooter at the wings.
Murphy was one of the best scorers in college basketball,
shooting 42 percent from beyond the arc.

45. Philadelphia 76ers

Darius Miller | SF | Kentucky The Sixers are another team in
desperate need of shooting, and Miller has both great size
and a sweet shooting stroke. While he was just a sixth man
at Kentucky, he's still a great pickup here.

46. New Orleans Hornets (via Washington)

Tyshawn Taylor | PG | Kansas

This is a steal for the Hornets if they can get Taylor here.
Several teams in the late first round are looking at him as
a possible selection. I doubt he slides past here. The
Hornets need a point guard, and Taylor's athletic ability
and defensive prowess should make him well worth the pick.

47. Utah Jazz

Robbie Hummel | SF | Purdue

Hummel is a Jazz player all the way. He's tough, has a
terrific basketball IQ and can really shoot the basketball.
The Jazz could use some help at the 3, and Hummel should be
able to provide some immediate relief.

48. New York Knicks

Jae Crowder | SF | Marquette

With Mike Woodson running the show instead of Mike D'Antoni,
expect the Knicks to be looking for a different sort of
player in the second round. Crowder doesn't really have a
position in the NBA, but he's tough and physical, and he can

49. Orlando Magic

Chris Johnson | SG | Dayton

Johnson came into OKC earlier in the draft process and
impressed with his combination of shooting, length and
athleticism. With OKC assistant GM Rob Hennigan now the GM
in Orlando, don't be surprised if Johnson is one of the
surprise late second-round picks.

50. Denver Nuggets

Bernard James | C | Florida State

James is already 27 years old, but the Nuggets won't care.
The Iraq war veteran has an NBA body and should be able to
come in and play some defense right away.

51. Boston Celtics

Justin Hamilton | C | LSU

The big guy out of LSU didn't put up huge numbers, but he's
had tremendous workouts. The Celtics need size wherever they
can get it.

52. Golden State Warriors (via Atlanta)

Quincy Acy | SF | Baylor

Acy is a crazy athlete with a terrific motor. He's not
particularly skilled, but could be a nice bench player at
the next level.

53. Los Angeles Clippers

Darius Johnson-Odom | SF | Marquette

Odom is undersized for his position, but he's strong and
athletic and can really shoot the basketball. The Clippers
need all the help they can get at the 2, and Johnson-Odom
can come in and play right away.

54. Philadelphia 76ers (via Memphis)

Hollis Thompson | SF | Georgetown

I keep loading up the Sixers with shooters because ... the
Sixers could've really used some this past season. Thompson
is a skilled wing who can play the 2 and the 3. He's a very
good athlete with a very good 3-point stroke.

55. Dallas Mavericks (via L.A. Lakers)

Tornike Shengelia | SF | Rep. of Georgia

With international scouting guru Tony Ronzone back in the
fold in Dallas, you can expect the Mavs to get back to
finding some hidden talent overseas. Shengelia is a tough,
athletic forward with a great motor. He's not a great
shooter, but scouts are really high on him as a prospect
down the road.

56. Toronto Raptors (via Indiana)

Khris Middleton | SF | Texas A&M

A year ago, Middleton would've been a potential first-round
prospect. Injuries have set him back a bit, but he's
actually been working out well over the past month. There's
even an outside shot he gets drafted late in the first with
the Bulls. But if he does slide, I doubt he slides further
than this.

57. Brooklyn Nets (via Miami)

Drew Gordon | PF | New Mexico

Gordon is an athletic rebounder who ran into problems at
UCLA and had to transfer to New Mexico. His rebounding
numbers the past two seasons have been fantastic.

58. Minnesota Timberwolves (From Oklahoma City)

Cameron Moore | PF | UAB

Moore is an athletic rebounder/shot-blocker who would be 20
spots higher if he added another 20 pounds to his frame.
While the Wolves do have size, they really need athletes in
their frontcourt.

59. San Antonio Spurs

Paul Lacombe | SG | France

Lacombe impressed NBA teams at this year's Adidas Eurocamp.
He's strong, gets to the rim and is a willing passer. He's
not a great shooter and hasn't put up big numbers in Europe,
but he's worthy of being stashed away in Europe.

60. Los Angeles Lakers (Via Chicago)

Kevin Jones | PF | West Virginia

Jones is a versatile big man who can play inside and out.
He's not a great athlete, but his length makes up for a lot.
He had a super-productive senior year at West Virginia.