Changes to Team? Sounds like a big "NO"

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    Changes to Team? Sounds like a big "NO"

    If there isn't going to be significant changes to the team there HAS to be some bench time coming for our "un-motivated" players.  Hell, even if there are changes coming there has to be some kind of push from management/coaching to focus this team in the right direction.  It seems the celts are just playing guys because, well, they have to play them.  Bull-Shit...if players laugh off games after defeats and treat this like a job, then a job it shall be.  Hold players accountable for their actions and ride the pine. 

    Seems that the veteran players can't motivate the younger players either.  Bad attitudes are contagious and it infects the even the veteran players.  PP and KG can't control the kiddies, so even their energy and passion to play are waning.  This has to stop DOC!  Shake things up.  Don't just play the usual suspects in the hopes somebody will lead the team to the promise land.  I know you don't like to play rookies and such, but enough is enough.  If this experiment doesn't work then make some trades.  Status quo is not a good coaching method.

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    Re: Changes to Team? Sounds like a big

    I am proud of you Kirk,  you got the same lineup 2 days in a row.   I could live with this lineup, but think Lee or Bradley would be better than Green.