Chris Paul is overrated.

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    Re: Chris Paul is overrated.

    He is very good has his team undefeated finished the game last night with three straight buckets.  I would have loved to have had him.  Rondo is great with the running game but he has problems finishing in the hafl court set where games are won or lost.  Hurry back Paul.
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    Re: Chris Paul is overrated.

    3 things are pretty obvious:

    1. CP3 is better for the 2011-12 Celtics than Rondo... despite an awesome game from Rondo vs. the Knicks and minus Pierce

    2. Rondo is better for the Celtic franchise after this year (if and only if) DA uses the cap space to get guys who fit Rondo's style, Rondo improves his shooting (like he showed vs. NY), and the obv. degenerative knee condition Paul has starts to rear its ugly face as he is paid max $ that financially bogs a team down

    3. The Lakers will not get Paul, and will not win another title with Kobe/Pau/Bynum taking up the entire salary cap...

    the Lakers have to find a 3-4 team trade to land them Howard... then even tho they will not win with Howard/Kobe in '12/'13 b/c they dumped everyone else... they have to find a 3rd star, better than KoME for the last 2-3 years of Bryants career

    really stinks to be a Laker fan, such a worse situation than Boston.... BUT they went to 3 finals and won 2, while we went to 2 finals and won 1... as much as you can say we were hosed in '10 by terrible officiating, an Artest knee to Allen and Perk's injury... LA did win the battle of the 4 year 'dyansty' period

    both teams are now 2nd rd playoff clubs passed over by 5-6 other clubs in the game... nobody would have put more than 2-3 teams over them in each of the past 4 years.
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    Re: Chris Paul is overrated.

    In Response to Re: Chris Paul is overrated.:
    In Response to Re: Chris Paul is overrated. : He only agreed to the Clips because he knew it's only for this year and next, then he's free to come to the one team EVERY player wants to come to, and I'll give you just one guess what team that is. BTW, Los Angeles now has two NBA championship quality teams. Boston only has 3 old men hobbling around. I love L.A.
    Posted by Lakerstroll

    Looks like the championship quality team from LA is yet to win a game this year.  Looks like Sacramento is going to whip them boys again tonight.  Lets see, the Clippers clipped the Fakers twice, the Bulls whipped the, and looks like the Kings tonight.  Are the Fakers going to win a game?