CLEAR example of y LJ >MJ + y MJ is a lousy EXEC!

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    Re: CLEAR example of y LJ >MJ + y MJ is a lousy EXEC!

    In response to CommyContrarian's comment:

    YEP HOW'S THAT GOING LEFT THING WOrking for mj. bet thats y they cant find any talent in bobcat/hornets land. great scouting mike. but like how mike says he couldnt stop lj from going right. now, he clearly cant stop him from going left either or shooting the 3s . lj is now the league leader in points with in 24 seconds with score within 3 points (clutchitude). mj is still the alltime leader at 56% for gamewinning type shots.. but in every other area incl being able to guard HIM, LJ is right now the SUPERIOR talent (not overall player for he needs more rings).. bring mj in his peak and lj, all things being equal... i'm taking the BRON!

    Heres your problem, all things arent equal.. not even MJ got the favorable treatment Lebron gets by refs.. Never have I seen a player take 6-7 steps for a layup and no whistle. Anyway, Lebron has upped his game but its hard to tell just how great he is when its all skewed with adoring favoritism. 

    That said, Im still taking MJ without batting an eye. MJ took an ok roster of Bulls, had some real talent in Pippen  to assist him... but MJ was the man, made multiple big shots in tight games and played superstar defense as well. MJ was just plain unstoppable and thats not something Lebron can claim even with the 3 blind refs in his hip pocket.

    and MJ didnt have to flee Chicago to hook up with 2 other superstars in the league to finally win a ring. One question would be.... could Lebron lead those Bulls teams to 6 championships like MJ did? Didnt seem so in Cleveland... Hes got one now with his NBA dream team... but I dont feel the force with Lebron like I did with MJ.. I dont fear him with the ball in the same way... im not concerned he might go off for 45 or 50 and win the game. Lebron needs alot more help to win big games than MJ did... which is a real distinction