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Clearing up some misinformation about Celtic/NBA history

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    Clearing up some misinformation about Celtic/NBA history

    This offseason chatter is getting old and boring (although great to hear about Jeff Green signing). This site has been hijacked by Laker trolls. They are only here to start trouble, and their jealousy is proven by their very presence here. However, it is important that we not allow them to rewrite history or defame our tradition. One such donkey likes to say that Russell's teams only won their eleven titles because the league was "weak" and had only eight teams. Actually the 66 team was part of a nine team league and by the time we spanked LA in 69 the league had 14 teams. laker fans misrepresenting the truth? Shocking! Also, fewer teams means a STRONGER league, not a weaker one. Everybody had Hall of Famers! Baylor and West were with Wilt in LA, for instance. Tom Gola Hal Greer and Luke Jackson were in Philly. The Knicks had Bradley and Reed. Russ's Celts were simply better. Sorry, boys. Against a concentrated league, the C's were tops. As for LA, they have bounced back and won 12 titles. They do not have 16. Minneapolis has four. Some trolls say "1 title in 25 years--blah, blah, blah." true enough. But remember--the team who owned the 60's came back with two more in the 70's and three more in the 80's. We had some misfortune with the untimely deaths of Bias and Lewis that set our franchise back for years, but we have bounced back too. We won in 08 and have been right there in the hunt ever since. We have a real shot this season, and it should be fun. The trolls should run their lying smack and revisionist history at the Clippers, Thunder, Mavs and Spurs. Those are the mountains they will try to climb. Instead they take aim at big brother--The storied and incomparable Boston Celtics. Ask yourself this Laker weenies (This goes for you, GoGreen and Tommy Rules), do you see us on Laker chat rooms or forums. Of course you don't--we're the Boston Celtics.
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    Re: Clearing up some misinformation about Celtic/NBA history


    no this is where your misinformed...


    so your wrong there and corrected..


    your wrong about sign and trades...anyteam can trade even if there over the cap can make a trade it has to come within the 150% or 100k...and not affect there standing for the theshold...

    heres another thing which your wrong...paul pierce is going to be a free agent and void his last was at 15 million....if paul goes to another team that opens up money..AND THE CELTICS STILL HAVE THERE AMNESTY...

    The cap for 2013-2014 hasnt been set yet..its set by league revenues...the threshold to cap is not a big difference...that could be settled by a amnesty move and a trade..or a non reup by paul pierce..
    so your owned check your facts son
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    Re: Clearing up some misinformation about Celtic/NBA history

    tommy rules is a liar,

    the cap is 58m the theshold is the cs are at subtract 15million for paul...thats 55 million...also you have wilcox at 900k and jason collins at 900k..danny could amnesty one player..or trade a bradley or lee at the celtics could be looking at being at they can manover salary like green and bass to get smith which would work..and still have a bi year expemption with the mle...So do your reserch before you post such baffonary
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