Clippers #8 Draft Pick 2012

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    Re: Clippers #8 Draft Pick 2012

    It say's we're getting the Clippers 2012 1st rounder. Didnt the Clippers just also trade they're 2011 1st rounder to the Cavs with Baron Davis for Mo Williams? I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure you are not allowed to deal your future 1st round draft picks in consecutive years(unless you draft the player yourself and then deal them on or after draft day). Doe anyone have any clarrification on this, are the picks lottery protected at all? i know Minnesotas had a similiar arrangement with the Clippers a while ago where if the Clips didnt get minnesota's pick by a certain time it would eventually just turn into a pair of 2nd rounders. I do not want this to happen, a 1st round pick in this deal is sweet, but with out it all we've done is trade our toughness for a couple of upgrades at 2 positions and a boat load of 2nd rounders.
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    Re: Clippers #8 Draft Pick 2012

      trust Danny.

    read my lips::  Either NOTHING as he leaves, or what we got now??

    No ##$&^$# brainer folks.