Clippers are now saying they will up their offer

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    Re: Clippers are now saying they will up their offer

    In response to breaktime's comment:

    excerpt from Plaschke LA Times article.

    " ...nothing with Donald Sterling is easy. This is an owner who has seemingly changed his cheap way of thinking in every area but his head coach. He's never truly valued his head coach. He doesn't think they make a difference. He will keep a coach employed to avoid paying him off (Mike Dunleavy). He'll hire a coach because some of his contract is being paid by a previous team (Vinny Del Negro)".

    There's a big reason Clips have stunk for so long and now, with all the talent they have, still fall short. As much as posters here are aware of Doc's shortcomings, if you put him in a situation where he doesn't have to develop young players, has a talented lineup, and throw KG into the mix, the Clips would run deep into the playoffs and could pull it off, IMO.  But maybe Doc's gotten too strong a whiff of Sterlling now.
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    I copied the following from the Bleacher report ....  'nuff said about this cheap imbecile'.

    It remains to be seen whether or not this one falls more under the "Sterling is cheap" category or the "Sterling is a jackass" category, but it definitely deserves to be in both.

    Back in the early 2000s, Kim Hughes, an assistant coach with the Clippers, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He wanted to get the surgery done before training camp started, but was informed by the Clippers that they wouldn't be covering his medical bills.

    According to Hughes, Clippers officials were concerned about the impact it might have down the road. "They said if they did it for one person, they'd have to do for everybody else."

    Corey Maggette, Chris Kaman and Marco Jaric were all noted Clippers players who paid the $70,000 of medical bills, all while Sterling sat idly by.

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    Re: Clippers are now saying they will up their offer

    I wonder what happened here.  I presume the original deal that was squashed by Stern was essentially Doc and KG for Jordan and 2 first round picks.  So, it had to be 2 different transactions?  Release Doc from his contract and receive a first round pick as compensation?  Then, a week later, trade KG to LA for Jordan and a first round pick.  Wonder what the hang up turned out to be.  Stern boned the Lakers and now he's boning the Celtics.  He should've stepped in on Miami as well - How come it is o.k. for players to tamper with free agents, but a GM can't?  How come its o.k. for Wade to say hey 'Bron and Bosh, we're clearing cap space to sign you two guys so don't sign contract extensions with your current teams.  How hard is it for a GM to tell his start player to go out and tamper?