Clock is ticking...

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    Re: Clock is ticking...

    The things the Globe erased several of your posts for were 100% racist... we don't need to get into them unless you really want to

    The facts, stats, awards, experts, and respectful comments by players in the league prove you wrong on Rondo/Perk

    you can scream hate into the wind all you want, it is shameful and makes you look like a fool

    you lose, and I pity you
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    Re: Clock is ticking...

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Clock is ticking... : I have forgotten more basketball than just about everyone on this board has ever known, the problem is that I can be objective whereas nobody else can.Posted by TheDUDDER[/QUOTE]

    Just when I thought you couldn't come up with a more stupid post  you go out and top it.   You are now officially the board clown.

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    Re: Clock is ticking...

    none of the buyout players can sign until Tuesday, right ?

    Well, by the time we all wake up tomorrow , we'll know what Danny had in mind.

    I remember Troy Murphy talking about how he couldn't believe the Celtics didn't draft him, that he would love to play in Boston.

    No joke, give him #13, #7 or #1 and his jersey is a top 5 seller within a week and for years to come...

    But what I really wanted to say - did anyone notice Avery Bradley come into the game and go coast to coast like Tiny Archibald ? MAN !

    Avery looked more aggressive tonight than I've ever seen him. You never know...his rookie season might be just beginning. Is Delonte West made out of glass or what ? Ankle sprain in a "skeleton drill" ? Geez...


    Talk to you rubbernecks tomorrow...AND REMEMBER - the next time you go to eat something, ask yourself - "what would Ray Allen or Henry Rollins do" ?