Put a blow-up of the mocking James grin up there on the locker room wall and kick some heat tail, seriously; I know they're hurting, Allen's a shadow of himself and AB is gone (HUGE loss), but I'd love nothing better than if they could somehow take these guys down in this series, just to watch Wade and James as the shock sets in, big time schadenfreude.  Let's do it!  I want badly to hear that James interview after they go down . . . How can we get it done?
I believe they can beat these guys, some of these bench guys need to step up, maybe mix in some of the young guys who never play, can't hurt for a few minutes, might catch a little lightning in a bottle, Ray's gotta find a way to overcome the injury, he says he's working on it internally, I wouldn't count him out, need Pierce to figure out a way, need Rondo in star mode, Garnett to keep doing what he's doing he's not the problem, more zone D, mix-it up strategy wise, surprise them, keep it close and put James in a position to choke from the foul line at crucial moments.