Coach Doc Rivers - a good job or a Great Job?

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    Re: Coach Doc Rivers - a good job or a Great Job?

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    I feel Doc has done a great job. For one thing, Doc doesn't overmanage,  but does supply the essentials, including managing minutes for veterans and end-of-quarter plays. As to Ray Allen, I think Doc is likely to use him where his need is greatest -- as a 3 instead of a 2. That way he can continue to exploit the new Rondo-Bradley axis. Posted by gxs
    Interesting idea. Not sure Ray is big enough or rebounds enough to play the 3 position. But, a 3 guard system against a small team would be great!
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    Re: Coach Doc Rivers - a good job or a Great Job?

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    In Response to Re: Coach Doc Rivers - a good job or a Great Job? : maybe i'm just too old fashioned- it used to be that people just used to become adequately proficient, 70% is the bogey for adequate, really 75 for a PG, before you progressed in terms of higher levels of play.  they put Z E R O pressure on rondo to improve that aspect and they got no improvement.  i'm not talking jump shooting necessarily but free throw shooting so you don't have hack a rondo and rondo being shy and unable to handle the ball in the fourth quarter.  you do not have to be a good shooter to shoot 70% from the line.  but ask for nothing, as rivers did, and you shall receive nothing as far as improvement goes.  they never said, you'll start as long as you can shoot 70% FT's.  did they? davis is a wreck in orlando.  that's interesting.  i could have swore it was duh-wight howard who was wrecking ORL singlehandedly this year with the day to day flip flops on whether he was leaving or not, happy or not.  nobody can play under those circumstances.  davis came from a competitor team with real leaders and people on it to a team with a flim flam man in howard- who in a contract year is the biggest stench-maker of all time.  howard has ruined himself (40% free throws- very focused on his game) and the whole team.  that is not davis' fault.  maybe some proof of that would be davis starts at center yesterday when howard is out with MPH, and gets 18 pts and 16 rebs.  there's nothing wrong with davis, he just wants to win- a wooden indian would have gotten tired of howard's act and then ensuing blame game on teamates who were so sick and tired of him they didn't want to look at him. coaches have done way better jobs of integrating people than we did with jeff green. if you think doc's done right by playing ray 35 or more a game ever since we obtained ray then you know nothing about ball.  or shooters. steamer was NOT developed with in-game experience earlier in the year, only after jerlame was gone.  other than that steamer might get 14 minutes, 3 minutes a DNP- no rhythm at all- you can't get development w/o rhythm.  now it's too late in the season to "develop" and you have to live with what happens.  there was a lost opportunity and steamer could be much further along right now if doc wasn't on fantasy island that he was going to run jermaine 25 minutes a night x 60 games plus the playoffs and KG take the rest of the minutes at the 5.  dumb planning. Bradley is a horrible point guard, always has been.  it's a coach's job to recognize that and evaluate whether avery can essentially be a 6-2 tony allen type of player.  now, by attrition, we see that it looks like he is capable of that role.  not only that but the team starts games better with avery-rondo in the back court then sitting around in the half court set waiting for ray to come off of five curls and 3 picks.  do ya think that other teams have those routes a little bit scouted by now?  time to mix it up?  time to spice up the team by introducing a 6th man of consequence?  mchale did it, walton did it, maxwell did it.  i know it's not really in style to make ego-vets these days into 6th men but we should have been able to do it.  doc didn't even try it.  and now that pietrus is gone, we have no scoring punch off the bench. time after time, doc either doesn't do the right things when he should be doing them and then is forced into doing the right thing by attrition via injury.  this is nothing new.  the only thing he's really done consistently is give rondo carte blanche, play the treads off of ray's sneakers and hold KG's minutes down.   and he's a good out of bounds play guy.  one of the best.  this does not make a great head coach.  or necessarily a good one.
    Posted by aciemvp
    I agree that Rondo's shooting in general is embarassing but by all reports he has worked his tail off trying to get better, it isn't Rivers fault the kind has no touch.

    I also agree that Bradley is not a VG point guard but where is the depth on this team at the 2? And this also may be a case of damned if you do, damned if you don't because Rivers kept giving Bradley minutes at point giving him a chance to get better. I actually think given how young Bradley was when he was drafted that he has come along fine.

    And I think that Steamers minutes have been appropriate this year. We are talking about a D leaguer who over the course of a strike shortened year has come along pretty well.

    I am not sure how Ray will work out as a cataylst on a second unit, at this stage his game is more about being the 3rd option and creating spacing. Really the only guy on C's that can absolutely make his own offense is Pierceand to some extent that has been true since the Big 3 came together.

    But there now is a lot more reason to consider it than there was 3 months ago.

    One can find lots of fault with Phil Jackson, who by the record is a all time great coach. So yeah, Rivers isn't perfect.   

    In addition to being a great X and O guy coming out of TOs, Doc gets his players to play D with an unusually high level of commitment for a veteran NBA team. His use of KG seems to be paying off