my now formerly fave national espn host just dissed all of us in fandom by saying that we are narrow and parochial losers. he's said similar stuff in the past but just went off today. he's a major bron azzz boy so there's an angle there too. but he pointed out wade being hit by a ball, bron having beer tossed on him on his way out at the end of the game and how boston talk radio is insane. he feels we are all just a bunch of losers (like rameakap) tryin to put down the winners. you know like the occupy wall street guys going after after the winning 1%'ers. of all the maor places he's been, he hates boston the MOST!

then again, i didnt hear one 9 yo fan say "good job good effort, i'm so proud of you" to paul pierce as he came off the court.