Aside from the logic that only contenders should be ponying up deals for these guys to put them over the top I don't see any way the Celts move them to noncontending teams so forget about ATL, CLE, SAC, MIL and all the other crap teams (unless it is some type of 3 way) and think OKC, IND, SA, LAC, CHI, MIA, NJ, and maybe NYK, DEN, MEM, GS and HOU. 

These guys deserve better than to play out their careers playing for junk teams and despite the decline in play these guys are still difference makers and can totally transform a team by themselves both on the floor and in the locker room.

Maybe I am naive but I believe there is too much love and mutual respect between management and PP/KG to be dumped somewhere for the best deal out there.  The Celts would sooner let them play out their careers here (which may be their choice) than to go to the dregs.