There is a old saying,  "if you continue to do the same thing,  how can you expect different results".   This holds true in my opinion of Doc.  He nearly has to have his hand forced in order to make changes. There is no way our rebounding gets better with our lineups getting the same minutes.  Pretty simple to me,  you have to get bigger guys out there.  I know Doc knows a lot more than me but that doesn't mean he is alway right either.  Here are some changes I would make.

I would start Wilcox or Green.  Wilcox would help clog the middle and should give us more rebounds.  He needs more minutes as well.  Green could start at SF and either Pierce at the 2 guard or come off he bench.  Either way Green needs minutes to be productive.  Thats the only way he will give us more.  Pierce at the 2 guard negates us getting Lee, Barbosa, and Terry.  That why we got them.  Then we have Bradley coming back.  So 2 guard for Pierce is not a option for me.  I would bring him off the bench along with Terry and Sully and give them a lot of minutes.  Let Green get in the flow with KG and Rondo and Bass.

Maybe none of this works but I know one thing,  continue to do what you have always done and you will continue to get the same results.