this guy is nothing but resolved. the man has played in the d-league, just about every international basketball league and he's BACKKKKKK in the show with the NETS. he scored 10 points two nights ago on 2 for 3 3-pointers and seems to have actually improved his DEFENSE and basketball IQ while maintaining his freakish athleticism. poor kid, just got drafted too soon, should have gone to college and developed his skills a bit more. i have always liked gerald, hope it works out this time..

speaking of lin and the knicks, that team has the best second unit benches i have seen in years.. 5 deep! all bring something unique and all are multi-faceted.. novak the triple check bomber, jr smith the freakish all everything scorer and improved defender, baron davis the steady pure PG vet, jeffries the new rodman with the outside shot, and of course shumpert the new glove guy on d with freakish athletism andd versatility. these guys will be in the top 3 from the east and can beat the bulls! celts have to break up to compete ATHLETICALLY!