Crazy West Typical Ainge Type Player

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    In Response to Re: Crazy West Typical Ainge Type Player : i want to see the best players play!!!!!
    Posted by jdm894g

    The best player or the most entertaining players?  The best shooters or the best defenders? The best is a subjective term and WWA or as you call it the NBA is a Harlem GlobeTrotter type game ,all flair and no substance.

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    Re: Crazy West Typical Ainge Type Player

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    " So I'm putting you on  Ignore.   That's the best thing people on this board can do for themselves and the board and the worst thing they can do to you." Agreed, I've enjoyed this forum more since putting Mr. White, I mean runrunrun, on ignore. Run is a race-baiting troll who has already admitted his agenda, which is that he selfishly can't relate to watching a team that doesn't have any white players on it. I'm sure he's angry Ainge didn't resign Scal over West, but I'm not sure, as I don't read anything this one-note, small-minded troll posts and it's quite nice.
    Posted by BostonTrollSpanker


    Funny, now that I put this attention seeker on Ignore, there is not much to read because the majority of the posts on this thread are written by the guy who started the thread.  Pathetic.

    And the moderators keep deleting posts so pretty soon it'll be him all by himself.

    Stop feeding this troll.
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    Re: Crazy West Typical Ainge Type Player

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    In Response to Re: Crazy West Typical Ainge Type Player : First of all, Brazil is NOT tiny, it's just your knowledge of Brazil that is (and your apparent unwillingness to do any homework before embarrassing yourself with an easily refutable statement).  The square area of Brazil is approximately 3.3 million square miles.  The area of the United States is 3.54 million square miles.  This includes the 656k square miles of Alaska.  What that means is that the contiguous 48 states is smaller than "tiny" Brazil.  Population-wise, Brazil has 192M people, we have 305M.  So, we're about 50% bigger.  If that's what matters, then why didn't the Soviet Union ever beat us?  They had far more people and invested richly in the development of their Olympic athletes.  It's because your style isn't winning basketball. Secondly, if the great offensive players play overseas and a heavily offensive oriented style is winning basketball, then USA should get wiped out in the first round.  Right?  Or will you have a new excuse already prepared for when they don't? The "thug" ball you refer to completely dismantled your international idols in the Olympics by an average margin of victory of 43.8 points.  Playing international rules, on an international court, with international referees.  Not one NBA ref in the bunch.  This is the purest form of competition between your preferred style of play vs the NBA style and your style got humiliated. Bob Brannum and Jim Luscotoff were enforcers on the old Celtics.  Funny how you keep forgetting about them.  Guess having an accurate memory doesn't help you prove your point.  Paul Silas was the Celtics' enforcer in the '70s, the era you adore.  Remember him?  Dave Cowens famously ran across the court just to two-arm blast Mike Newlin of the Rockets into the 3rd row.  I was there for that game and saw it.  Cowens was a notoriously physical player who detested floppers (or as you would call them, "european superstars") and that's why he paid Newlin back.  Newlin flopped twice on him, getting two very weak charging fouls on Dave Cowens (our Celtic "thug") and Cowens let him know that was not real basketball.  That was in '76, your Celtic paradise era.  In '73, the guy who did that to Newlin was the NBA MVP.  As far as tattoos go, that's a generational thing.  I know a young doctor who has one.  I'd never use the word "thug" to describe him, but maybe you would. "Hack ball" is the new euphemism for defense, which you scorn and demean. btw, how many state championships have your teams won using your style?  Let's hear a number.  Or is your league run by thugs too, and that's why you haven't won?
    Posted by bobheckler


    You do know that 70% of the population in Brazil lives in poverty or the Rain Forest and have no access to playing hoop.In the USA most people  play hoop .AAU ,Rec Center leagues, church leagues, and school leagues.

    Cowens played physical but had a great offensive game,I hope your not comparing Perkins skill level to Cowens? I don't mind players who play defense as long as they have some offensive skills,what I hate is allowing players who stink at basketball to play just because they can hack and slow down a good offensive player.

    The US has lost in the World games over and over why? because US players lack basic skills like shooting and passing.Prime example is Rondo the brick layer.

    I like fast break ball you like slow down beat your man up ball.

    The NBA is working behind the scenes to make the game faster and with less fouls and more scoring and Danny and fans like you keep bringing back thug ball.Let the thug ball die.

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    Re: Crazy West Typical Ainge Type Player

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    In Response to Re: Crazy West Typical Ainge Type Player :    Malingering is a common issue for people trying to get monetary compensation for having both physical and mental ailments. Psychologists use tests that measure for malingering. The most common test is the MMPI-2 which has a malingering profile scale. Therefore your relative's malingering is easily detectable by a knowledgable mental health professional. Than again, you are not qualified to state if someone is malingering or not.    Secondly mental disorders are not rare. Unfortunately there are hundreds of different types such as mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance related disorders, psychotic disorders and many more.    You don't have to admit your lack of knowledge regarding mental disorders because it is quite evident.
    Posted by mem17

    This mmpi-2 test you write about,please send me a copy I would like to evaluate my employees.True mental disorders are very rare, the number of malinger'is very high. Psychologist were very quick to use frontal lobotomy for people who didn't quite fit in,I bet if this were 1965 West would have had a frontal lobotomy and you might have written the script for it.

    Take care Run
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    Re: Crazy West Typical Ainge Type Player

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    In Response to Re: Crazy West Typical Ainge Type Player : Hi mem17 Thank you for your thoughtful explanation of West Bi polar condition. I like Freud, would have bet West problems stem from his desire to have sex with his mother and wanting to kill his father,or maybe his problems were brought on by a feeling of not belonging,being of bi racial parents West didn't quite fit in with either blacks or white,a quite lonely existence.Maybe this is why West has disfigured his skin with so many tattoos,trying to hide his pale skin pigmentation. Pavlov would have thought West problems stem from repeated name calling as a kid,a classical conditioning reflex .Or maybe you want to perform some behavioral experiments on West and find out if his bi polor condition is real or fake.Like Watson you may find out that all humans are not far removed from the animals we call pets.West desire to posses guns could indicate either a desire to commit suicide or the desire to have the ultimate power over a world he hates. You maybe right that West problems stem from a chemical imbalance but I would bet a 1000 dollars his problems stem fro a different type of chemical imbalance. Like most city kids West has probably tasted the world of drugs and some can really mess up your brain. Many young men in my town walk the streets in winter bear foot and feeling no cold.By the way the man who performed most Lobotomies, was not a surgeon either,but as you know the government allowed psychiatrist to perform this simple procedure,even John Kennedy Senior allowed his own daughter to be mutilated by this brain slicing treatment.Must be tough to be a psychologist when you have nothing that works  .   Take care Run
    Posted by runrunandrun

    That was Joseph P Kennedy Sr - Mr. Old Fool!
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    Re: Crazy West Typical Ainge Type Player

    Dear runrunandrun,
        My discussion with you is complete. It was the last since I see no point in continuing this. I am putting you permanent ignore mode. Have a good life.
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    Re: Crazy West Typical Ainge Type Player

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    Dear mem17 I am truly sorry you lost the debate about West with me. Life is cruel sometimes,and losing a debate on the one subject you actually know is extremely tough.You may have to diagnosis yourself with some phoney mental disorder and take a pill to feel better. Have a nice holiday weekend. Run
    Posted by runrunandrun

    What is that ebonics?  From YOU? WOW!
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    Re: Crazy West Typical Ainge Type Player

    I'm not going to quote you in the interest of sparing the people that have the good sense to put you on ignore from having to look at your drivel. I thought I had you on ignore already. Whatever.

    The fact that you think you won the debate with mem is both frightening and sad. The fact is, there was no debate. In a debate, both parties bring valid points to the table.  Mem tried to educate you. And you simply proved to be too ignorant to absorb the information. Instead, you decided to combat facts with your warped, incredibly ignorant opinions. And then you declare yourself the winner. And you have the nerve to call Delonte West crazy? Maybe he is. But in your case it's definitely the pot calling the kettle black. Everybody here that has read more than a few of your posts is familliar with your tenuous grip on reality. It is becoming increasingly clear why you would want to deny the existence of mental illness.

    Anyway, we get it. Okay? The NBA is racist because they wont get a bunch of less talented white players to replace the black players. All black people are thugs. Danny Ainge is a racist for trying to build a championship caliber team. And you are incapable of comprehending that sane people just want to see the best players play in the NBA and couldn't care less if they are the same color as they are. As matter of fact, you don't seem capable of logic and reason in general. Yet you want us to beleive that you have a genius level IQ. And you were at one point the fastest man in the world. Am I leaving anything out?

    You are a one track train. It has somehow escaped your attention that nobody here respects you or agrees with your whacked out views on basketball. Maybe you are too out of it to realize that you are never going to convince sane people that two plus two equals five. I think you would be much better off discussing basketball with your buddies at the next clan meeting. Although I'm guessing that even most clan members (as incredibly stupid as they are) have enough sense to not watch the NBA. Seeing as how it is mostly black. And, well, you know- they hate black people. I mean, I can't stand Dane Cook or Will Ferrell. So I stay away from their movies. I don't watch them and complain that the casting director did a terrible job. 

    Seriously, you are wasting your time and ours. Please just go away and stop stinking up the place with the sewage that clutters your mind.

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    Re: Crazy West Typical Ainge Type Player

    Why would anybody with even a grain of common sense publicly broadcast “posts” like those here, based, such as they are, upon the toxic combination of ignorance, fear, prejudice, arrogance, self-loathing, and sheer stupidity?

    If you can’t think, spell, or write, and if when you do attempt to cite information that you haven’t simply made up, you get that wrong, too, why bother?

    Why make all of that public?

    Why not do us all a favor: stay in that dark, cramped, and unfurnished place you live in, your mind, and just mumble this stuff to yourself.