Tongue outFor the first time all year the Boston Celtics played old school basketball.Passing ,backdoor cuts, great shooting,team ball and fun uptempo hoop.

It was so nice to see 65 points scored in the first half instead of the usual 42 points. It was so nice to see players passing the rock instead of isolation one on one thug ball the starters play. I get so tired of watching Pierce back his man down and go 1 on 1 looking for a foul. Jordan started all this starball in the NBA and it is boring!!

It was great watching Avery drive and pass back to Sasha for an easy 3. It was fun watching Murphy setting a pick and rolling out for a 3. It was fantastic watching Green and Krytic setting picks and running the floor.

It will all end Sunday when the starters return with SLOW BALL 1 on 1 watch me score ball. Hopefully the Knicks will play an uptempo game but with Anthony wanting the ball and Stods wanting the ball,I see a typical slugfest slowball NBA game,final score  82-78 C's win and us the viewers lose and the NBA game dies.

Take care Run