C's have a Chance

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    Sorry, i don't think excel translates well to this board, but basically i took the stats for the last 5 games and came to the conclusion even though we got out rebounded badly ( -21 and -36)Rebs/off/rebs, we made up for in assists +43 and steals...the only game that we really got dominated statistically, is the Chicago game, and that may be due to fatigue overall....and with no back to back games in playoffs, this should help us. The games we won, we seemed to hold our own on the boards, which means we can rebound well as a team, when motivated.
    Posted by Ortiz123

    Long standing "trueism" that this team makes up for lack of rebounding efficiency with a high shooting percentage and high number of assists.  When the Celtics are playing their brand of ball, the ball moves,e veryone is moving, and we get open shots.    We may not get lots of offensive rebounds to get our points, but wea re efficient offensively.

    Problem is that we let teams keep up with us by them getting their own offensive rebounds.  I am not concerned about our offensive rebounds but we HAVE to secure the defensive rebound after a strong defense has stopped the opposition.   

    If we rebound and keep our turnovers down, I really do think we can beat Miami and Chicago, even without Home Court Advantage.
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    Re: C's have a Chance

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    In Response to Re: C's have a Chance : SO WHAT??????  Does that mean they can afford to pay their players more? NO Is this baseball?  NO What does a new TV deal have to do with the lakers saving money on the salary cap?? Between Walton, Fisher, Kapono and Hill, that's about 13 million.  Figure Sessions goes from 4 to 8, and Barnes goes from 2 to 4..........they are saving about 7 million NOT counting raises to Bynum, Bryant and Gasol. Doesn't really matter how much they SAVE, it's what they can do with the savings - which is nothing!! Did you really think a new TV deal would allow them to pay free agents??? Don't let the facts get in the way of your argument!!
    Posted by Red-16Russ-11

    LA still has their $8.9m trade exception.
    The new TV deal makes it easier to take on additional salary.
    Without dumping Fisher and Walton's contracts, LA might not want to use up the whole $8.9m.

    Thanks Jimmy!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: C's have a Chance

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    I really like this team. I think we can win the championship. We would have a better chance with the home court of course.
    Posted by Kirk6

    I also really like this team. I just don't think we'll win it all.  Getting to the ECF would be a fantastic achievement with this team.
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    Re: C's have a Chance

    If we had Kendrick Perkins as our starting center, we might of had a chance.

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    Re: C's have a Chance

    There is only 1 viable stat in all of sports; The Scoreboard.

    All last year all you heard was why the Pats won't make it because of their D gave up a boat load of yardage,nobody talked about how they were in the 5 in +/- TOs and 5th in pts allowed.
    We are not a great rebounding team. We are a fairly decent rebounding def reb team when you look at our efficiency. There are factors why we don't have total reb stats; 1 We are # 8 in opposing fga, We are #1 in opposing fg %,We are #5 in fg %, We are # 32 in shots attempted, We are tied for 6th in blocks We are # 32 in fga. All these factors means less shots per game. We are an efficient team not proficient team rebounding wise.
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    We have a chance in the playoffs to go to the finals if some things fall our way. 1.  We have to be playing at our best level 2.  We have to win the Atlantic 3.  PP/KG/ RR have to lead the way-RR has to score some and make FT's, PP has to play the Lebrons, Dengs, pretty even (which he usually does) and KG has to rebound and score like he has been doing. (and go inside some) 4.  RA has to lead the second unit and score. Don't see any reason all this could not happen.   of course I happen to be a huge Celtic fan.
    Posted by OneOnOne

    Was this what happened tonight?