C's Injuries

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    C's Injuries

    Anyone have information on the injury front.  Jermaine Oneal has been out a while with his knees what is the scoop.  He is a huge piece for the C's at back up center.  I know DW is out for a couple month but could it be longer.  And I don't expect Perk back at 100% this year.  I still think of the 3 out now JON is the most important to get back.  Shaq will need rest throughout the season if he is going to be fresh for the playoffs.
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    Re: C's Injuries

    apparently Delonte has broken a bone in that wrist or hand 8 times in his life.  I'm not sure how realistic it is, but he thinks he'll be on the floor playing in February.  I do think a bone heals faster than a liagament or tendon injury.