Hope I'm wrong I think Ray maybe gone. More than the money, it appears Ray wants the minutes and the opportunity to be a starter. I dont believe he's guaranteed either. Last years avg minutes for Avery, JT, and Rondo go 25.5mpg, 31.7, 36.9. Ray goes 34.0 mpg. SORRY GUYS the minutes are simply NOT there for Jesus :( and neither he or Jet will tolerate 15-20mpgs (at 10fga).

 And if anyone saw there streches during the Regular season when Ray was out with the flu more than once , The starting lineup looked better (defensively, on the boards, and with all those EASY baskets YES BETTER offensively as well. In order for this to work with Ray he will have to lower his expectations on both cuz DA and Doc wont. Plus Nick Young's  23.5mpgs around the $3.6M he made last year might be a fit (Not the same skill set as Ray but do we we really need Rays current skillset?)