Danny Ainge Moron Incorporated

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    Danny Ainge Moron Incorporated

     it is hard to take the best team in basketball and destroy it a few weeks from
    the end of the regular season, but not when Danny Boy Ainge is around.

     Jeff Green , his great acquisition, missed a layup in the last two minutes and
    fumbled Pierce's cross court pass out of bounds. He was not a prime time player. I think Doc went down with Green and Kristic at the end to show to Danny Ainge how much his foolish trade cost the team. We lost our defensive identity and personality when Perkins left. It is not that Perkins is a great player, but he was the right fit for the Boston Celtics. As Doc used to say the
    Starting Five when healthy had never lost a playoff series.

      Danny Ainge should be fired. The team now is out of chances and needs to be
    completely rebuilt. We are way too old to compete next year with the budding Heat dynasty.
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