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Rondo will never be traded.


I don't know about never but add RR to the present mix+ and you have an NBA conference final if not a championship! He is a force and with a little change of play the C's are supreme!~



Rondo already was added to the present mix and the C's were a sub 500 team. ..


Glad I could help...


Uhm, you do realize this hapend last year with Rondo only better of course The second half run that is. 



Hey stupid! All your point proves is that they didn't need Rondo to do it last year either. Would you give him credit for what they are doing this season? You are absoltely goofey with your reasoning. Hey, what's 2+2= ? Damn......




Uhm last year when they did it With Rondo they had a better record. So to sum up 15-5 with Rondo last year,  14-7 this year without Rondo. 

You really are a re-tarded circus monkey rally  (I apologize to any mentally disabled as you are clearly much higher functioning than rally)


Tell your wife and my kids I said hi. 


You don't have to be nice to me, Dude. And, I got some good news and some bad news for ya....The bad news is that your MOMMA lied to you because I didn't end up marrying her! But the good news is, She did say that her babies are your kids, so I said hi to them for you like you asked me to! HA! I wouldn't have touched her had I known you two were in a relationship, my brutha! Now do yourself, and everybody else here a favor and get back to your man crush on GONDO, or I will keep making you cry in public. The truth is DA doesn't "love" Rondo like you do and is promoting and propping up the value of his SWAMP LAND IN FLORIDA before he sells it. You are too simple to see it.



Wanna bet? Guys like you were saying he would be gone at the trade deadline. Didn't hapen did it. Not going to happen in the off season either. 



You are a liar. I never said that. PERIOD. BUT, we are now and will continue to be better without RR. 


no we're not.