Danny's conversation with Maloofs

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    Danny's conversation with Maloofs

    Danny:  Hey Joe and Gavin how's it hangin?

    Maloofs:  Not bad Danny. We're 12-20 and frustrated with our two best players. Cousins is a basketcase ruining our chemistry and Evens is hurt and will be a free agent next year. What are you thinking.

    Danny:  We're now a sub .500 team and dropping faster than Kobe's pants in a Colorado hotel.  

    Maloof:  Haha. The refs handed the Lakers the title against both of us, so if you can help us, we'll help you.

    Danny:  OK. Let me get to the point. I'll give you a sharp shooting Terry. Our key PF in Bass and a future all star in Courtney Lee and we'll take those two Cousins and Evans headaches away.

    Maloof: Haha HAHA thats even funnier than Kobe than Kobe pending divorse for being a rapist. Look. Cousins is top tier center and future all star. Evans is geting us 16 PPG on a consistent basis. We're not trading all star caliber players for your junk.  

    You give us Rondo, Terry, Bass, and Melo and we'll give you Cousins, Evans, a first round pick and a player TBD. 

    Danny:  Deal. But can we throw in Doc too?





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    Re: Danny's conversation with Maloofs

    It's Geoff Petrie, anyway...but he is certainly not as stupid as the guy in ORL

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    Re: Danny's conversation with Maloofs

    Actually Hollywood I'll play Mitch here and Jim Buss.

    JB: Any takers for Gasol yet?

    MK: No. Apparantly without Jerry West I can't steal and players for garbage anymore.

    JB: There has to be one dummy out there.

    MK: We already took Otis and then they fired him.

    JB: Any other Stupid people. Colangelo too smart, Ainge could outsmart me in my sleep, Petire, no, Popovich no, We are what you cal SOL I guess.

    MK: Boss did you smoke one of those funny cigarettes again?


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    Re: Danny's conversation with Maloofs

    In response to Dr_Hollywood's comment:

    No it wasn't like that at all. It went like this:

    Danny: Hey Joe and Gavin how's it hangin?

    Mallofs: What do you want now. I will tell you this up front, I am not Kevin Mchale and won't give away my best player for scrubs.

    Danny: Take it easy man.

    Mallofs: So what do you want, I don't have time for and idiot like you who has no player of any value to us or any team.

    Danny: Ok I'll cut the chase, I want Cousins.

    Maloofs: What do you offer????

    Danny: I'll give you KG, Pierce, Rondo, Green, Bradley and Terry


    Danny: Hello, hello, hello, are you there...





    Wow another GM versed in the Swari language! First it was the Thunder's GM & now the King's. This is an exciting trend that might make calling on the phone obsolete! Deals will then have to be made in person to avoid false hangups...