Dark Wednesday

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    Dark Wednesday

    It looks like Semi, Luke, and Daniels could be playing big minutes Wed. night.  Nate missed practice and may be back in time for the game.  Baby has a temperature and is a question.  Could be minutes for the first round point also.  KG could be looking at 40 plus minutes becaue he is the only quality big we have ready to go.  This is a real challenge for Doc beause Luke has been on the floor little.  He has a big upside but it is a year or two down the road.  Rondo and Shack are thought to be out.  Rondo will be back soon because of the positive play of Nate.  Paul will need a lot more concentation than he had against the Nets and Ray will need to pass the ball to our team.  Daniels could play a bit of point and we could run a lot of the offense through Paul.  We will see, but it sounds like a mess. Look for the x celtic first round pick , Billups , to have a big night.
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    Re: Dark Wednesday

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    Denver is 3-6 on the road and playing on the second night of a back to back. Look for Avery Bradley to have a big night.
    Posted by Kirk6

    In the face of mounting injuries, the Celtics got creative with practice, with Rivers trotting out a lineup that featured Daniels, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen all spending time at the point, trying to get them all used to potentially having to run the offense.