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    LAST NIGHT was interesting. tells u how peeps are with power. he gets roundly booed just like ALL other commissioners for the fir st 30 picks. but as he gets to #30, the crowd gets classy and gies him a standing O and cant stop cheering as the classy olajuwon walks up in the exact same outfit he wore THIRTY years ago when he was the first pick stern eer announced.. WOW! cant beliee how haKEEM stays in great shape and how old i am!

    stern played along.. hey u guys are getting quiet, losing enthusiasm when they stopped booing, putting his ends up to encourage them to boo more, making quips.. only in america.. its good to boo power and hold them accountable while recognizing they are socially superior and necessary. worshipping power is how u get an aaron hernandez!

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    Stern was uncomfortable most of the night with the constant booing everytime he walked out.. He tried to make light of it but you could tell he wasnt happy being on TV with the fans letting the world know what they think of him every 5 mins...



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