DeAndre Jordan

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    Re: DeAndre Jordan

    In Response to Re: DeAndre Jordan:
    In Response to DeAndre Jordan : He's only a restricted free agent up to the MLE. Beyond that he is a free agent. We could get him if we didn't sign Jeff Green. That would free up $5 million. I would rather have Jordan than Green any day.
    Posted by Kirk6

    Agreed. Jordan would have a bigger impact.
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    Re: DeAndre Jordan

    In Response to Re: DeAndre Jordan:
    Fierce is currently busy putting on one of his other faces and digging through his archives looking for out of context posts of mine that he will cut and post in an effort to discredit me as a poster here ... apparently he feels intellectually intimidated when I carry on conversations with other posters here at BDC and finds it necessary to overwhelm the board with his childness. And we can expect the usual run of the mill Fierce defenders shortly to inundate my posts with surprisingly similar posts to his in an attempt to prove that there is a huge base of MP8 detractors ... Wanna make a Bet?     LOL!!!
    Posted by Mployee8

    You post with such arrogance but your argument holds no water. From this thread alone posters like myself learned that you made a stupid bet with Fierce, which you ended up losing, and you're not man enough to follow through on the promise that if you lost the bet you would be posting here for some time. In effect you discredited yourself. 
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    Re: DeAndre Jordan

    In Response to Re: DeAndre Jordan:
    In Response to Re: DeAndre Jordan : and I want you to honor your promise and stop posting as you said, then I will honor the bet ... until that time, I ain't going nowhere ... Bwahahaha
    Posted by Mployee8

    If you don't mind me asking, what did Fierce promise?
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    Re: DeAndre Jordan

    In Response to Re: DeAndre Jordan:
    In Response to Re: DeAndre Jordan : For someone that's been using a pic of PP and his number in their user name for thousands of posts it makes you nothing less than a hypocrite to bail on your guy and team when they fail to live up to your expectations. Just like that "cricket post" of yours where you turn on the Bulls cause they lost to Miami ... now you say it was to be expected .... What a turncoat!
    Posted by Mployee8

    Some things never change. Even if I'm away for some time when I check back on this forum you're still obnoxious and in denial. 

    Remember the thread you made about four paths? Guess what? Not a single post on that thread other than yours. Guess you could say it was a "cricket thread". LOL

    Real GM's Four Paths to the Future

    posted at 5/16/2011 12:51 PM EDT">
    Posts: 1783
    First: 7/8/2008
    Last: 5/27/2011

    The Secret

    The key to winning or even seriously contending in the NBA is having a superstar, someone routinely in the running for league MVP and considered among the top 5-7 players in the league. That does not guarantee titles, but it is the ante for admission to the championship club.

    Question No. 1

    Understood this way, the single most important decision for Danny Ainge to make is whether Rajon Rondo is capable of being a top-five player in the NBA as soon as next year or 2012-13 at the latest.

    Danny Ainge does not have the luxury of assuming Rondo can be the best player on a legitimate championship contending team for the next eight years. The logic here suggests Job One for Danny Ainge is to get a top 5-7 player as soon as possible by any means necessary.

    The Options

    Two factors will influence this decision over how best to approach the 2011-12 season and rebuilding plans, which are impossible to predict:

    1. Whether Doc Rivers returns;
    2. The shape of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that will be hashed out in the second half of 2011 and will possibly lead to a shortened 2011-12 season, if not, in an extreme scenario, its cancellation.
    If he [Doc] does return in 2011-12, one suspects he would do so with an understanding that the Celtics would make one final try for banner 18 with the existing core. Still, as we will see, there are several different ways to skin that cat.

    We have to work under the assumption that the existing system will remain, with changes – e.g. lower maximum contracts, shorter contract length, higher luxury tax, a slightly lower revenue guarantee to players, smaller mid-level exception contracts—producing that outcome in the existing “soft-cap” system.

    For the sake of our discussion, one point is clear: the Cs and other teams may have incentive to make deals before July 1, rather than wait for an uncertain new regime that will probably make player movement more difficult.

    Note: Ainge has already said that ownership is more than willing to spend whatever it takes to remain a perenial contender ... As other teams cut salary those that are willing to pay the tax can prosper via trades.

    Plan A: Trader Danny

    For starters, Danny re-signs Glen Davis, extends Jeff Green, re-signs Delonte West. He uses the MLE slot, assuming it continues to exist, to sign the best veteran on the market. He trades future No. 1 picks along with expiring contracts like Jermaine O’Neal’s to score another solid starting caliber player.

    Memo: Maybe they remain competitive but they have no #1 draft picks and are stuck in LTax limbo for 5 years despite ownerships willingness to spend

    Plan B: Modified DA                                             
    The idea here is to field the very best team as possible around the existing core in 2011-12, play to win in 2011-12, but do so by bringing in younger players who can be part of the post-Big Three era. In this approach, the Celtics would plan on one final year of contention, and then begin the rebuild in 2012. So the key is not taking on lots of new salary to clog up the payroll after 2012, unless it is for a young player. Also future no. 1 draft picks would be off-limits in trades, unless for a young and talented player. 

    Paragraph Recap: The Cs would be willing to let Big Baby go as a free agent, not extend Green's contract unless they could get him very cheap, look for Bradley to become a regular rotation player and use the MLE for a 1 year signing only unless it was for a young player with a future.  This makes everyone happy and is the most likely scenario now that Doc is returning but not good come 2012.

    Plan C: Full Danny Ainge

    Recap: If Ainge doesn't think Plan B provides a legitimate shot at #18 and it inhibits his ability to start rebuilding in ernest and obtain the chips needed to acquire the next superstar then he trades Pierce (Fierce obviously read this article which explains his recent flip-flop regarding his beloved PP).

    Back to the article: 

    Why is Pierce is the most logical person to be traded? He has two more guaranteed years (through 2013) and a third year at a team option. He is the youngest of the Big Three and still within eyesight of his prime. By trading Pierce the Cs, importantly, can also get well under the cap in the summer of 2012, although whether that matters is to be determined in the new CBA. (And what the Cs do with Glen Davis and Jeff Green will determine how far under the cap the Cs can get.) And when Pierce goes, the Celtics can give Jeff Green 35 minutes per game at the small forward position and see if he is part of the future, or the eventual answer to a trivia question. 

    Is there a market for Pierce? That is not clear, and if there isn’t, then Plan C is moot. The teams that would want Pierce would fit into two camps: 1) teams that are contending and want to add one final piece to get over the top right away; or 2) young teams that already have their potential superstar but are lacking in veteran wisdom. Regrettably when one scans the teams of the league, those in the former group have little to offer the Cs in terms of expiring contracts, young players and/or high draft picks.

    There are teams in the latter group that seem to be better trade partners, if they are interested. These are the teams that have attractive draft picks and a possible willingness to trade them, if only because they have the superstar already on the roster and need veteran seasoning desperately. Consider a team like the Clippers that has a likely superstar in Blake Griffin and some other young talent but needs veteran leadership and has a Grand Canyon-sized hole at the small forward position. Pierce might be just what the Clippers need to vault to a 50 win team, and prove to Los Angeles and Griffin they are serious about winning. Los Angeles is also Pierce’s hometown. The Clippers might be willing to trade Chris Kaman and the Minnesota unprotected 2012 No. 1 pick for Pierce. (Kaman’s contract expires in 2012; the Clippers seem inclined to put DeAndre Jordan at center.)

    If the Cs traded Pierce and were able to get a player like Kaman in return, the 2011-12 season might not necessarily lead to the lottery. Re-sign Baby and West if the price is right, maybe sign another discount free agent—either a young player or someone for just one year—put Jeff Green at the 3, and the team might not be that much worse than the team with Pierce. This would be a partial or rolling rebuild leading up to the summer of 2012.

    Then in the summer of 2012, the Cs can be under the cap, and they are sitting on three number one picks, in what already looks like a very top-heavy draft. This gets the rebuild off to a strong start, and the 2011-12 team can remain competitive.

    Plan D: Mad Scientist Danny

    Blow it up and start over .... Trade Pierce, then KG.

    /> The best bet [for KG] would seem to be a team like Washington, which has a young star (and potential superstar) in John Wall, a high number 1 pick in 2011 and some talented young bigs. It is also a franchise that has been floundering for a long time. The Wizards are coached by former Minnesota coach Flip Saunders. One could see how Saunders would enjoy having Garnett around to institute a great defense, launch a new culture, and get Blatche and McGee thinking that way. Would they trade the worthless Rashard Lewis, who has one guaranteed year left on his deal, and, say, a 2012 or 2013 no. 1 pick? If so, would the Cs consider making such a deal?

    If the Cs go Plan D, there is a chance Ray Allen does not pick up his option and instead becomes a free agent whenever the new CBA goes into effect. If he does stay, the Cs may look to trade him and/or Jermaine O’Neal before the trade deadline.

    The idea is to cut capspace and acquire as many #1 draft picks to go along with their own. Then rebuild from the draft which would mean no reaching by Danny ... take the best player available. This is unlikely especially now that Doc is resigning. But, those picks (4-6 #1's) along with expiring contracts could assure their ability to go after D Howard and have a higher ratio for success.


    Plan B or C make the most sense but with Doc returning Plan B would seem to be the obvious one now but I'm inclined to think that ownership is willing to entertain offers for any one of the Big Three if it keeps them in contention while building for the future success of the team. That means a willingness to trade for a player like Gasol now rather than hold out hope for Howard. As much as I like the idea of getting Kaman for a year and having cap room and picks for Howard that's still a crap shoot and we'd be losing our captain for that high risk payoff with the possibility of coming away with no center. I don't see Memphis trading Gay as he is potentially their superstar of the future. After resigning Randolph they still need Gasol and can go over the cap to do so but will they? Would they trade Gasol for KG? Would/could KG play center alongside Randolph in a role reversal? Can Danny pull another rabbit out of his hat? If so the odds favor something happening before the 7/1 deadline ... so we shall know within 4-6 weeks.

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    Re: DeAndre Jordan

    In Response to Re: DeAndre Jordan:
    In Response to Re: DeAndre Jordan : To stop posting as well, just as he did if Ainge traded Davis or Perkins ... BTW, I wasn't trying to be arrogant ... just seemed that you only knew half the story regarding Baron and needed to learn the rest of the story so you'd understand the possibility of outbidding Sterling for his own player. Secondly ... anyone that can be so easily swayed by some fraud who posts under multiple user names ... gives relevance to "cut and past" bits of conversations from old archives used strictly to discredit other posters for his own self-absorbed insecurities and then ignores the obvious ... that that guy that dominates this board with a lot of insignificant statements and predictions while attacking others, hopes that other teams players get hurt (ex: Kobe) so we can beat them, has been suspended from posting on these boards and forced to re-register as a new user to keep posting, flip flops on his own statements and posted for years as Pierce34, then Fierce34 and now Fiercest34 with a pic of PP and now RA since he's thrown his idle (PP) under the bus looking to trade the team captain and has been known to post under other aliases to attack his rivals to gain credibility with newbies ... well if that's the type of quick judgement guy you are, then sure call me out but know which horse you're betting on son ... he accuses others of breaking bets but his track record is much worse than most including mine ... I still use the same user name that I was 1st issued years ago (pre 1988) and have never needed to apply for a new user name to keep the game going. So next time, do your own research, as I won't set you straight with links for your benefit .... I'll leave you to insert foot in mouth and ride the horse that you've decided to bet on ... Good Luck and don't forget to wipe behind your ears.
    Posted by Mployee8

    This forum didn't even exist in 1988. LOL
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