Please don't be fooled by whatever good game he may have here or there, edited highlights to sell himself, NOTHING. Let this FATSO walk and give him Bill Belicheck's number and see if maybe he would like to change sports.

Why you're letting Doc Rivers play this guy some heavy minutes when there are better options in Jermaine O'neal or Kristic is fcking beyond me....beyond me. FOR THE LIFE OF ME, I CANNOT STAND FAT GLEN DAVIS, NEVER LIKED HIM, NEVER WILL and now I am disgusted more then ever as a Celtics fan seeing how Doc Rivers has given this guy a blank check to do as a pleased on the court unchecked. Why is this Fatso taking multiple jumpers is beyond me. He can't make freakin' lay ups to save his life, never have, never could. He wobbles and falls sometimes like his monicker name. I pray that he doesn't fall uncontrollably on of the knees of the Celtics players. He almost took out Chalmers, of the Heat, last night, not that it would've been a bad thing but even that he couldn't do right. The Fat fck is unathletic and to me does not belong on a basketball court. He gets abuses repeatedly by other teams players. Why is Doc Rivers playing this guy heavy minutes is freakin beyond me, BEYOND ME.

If you and Doc Rivers are playing him to help him get a contract, then you are completely wrong for doing so on a Celtics important playoffs series. A complete disservice to, us, Celtics fans. You don't owe Fat Glen sheit. This is a business, we fans pay good money to see our team win. If there was no other options, fine, play him accordingly but WE HAVE OTHER OPTIONS and this is what's pizzing me the hell off with that Bone Head incompetent Coach Doc Rivers. Kristic was playing great ball when you first acquired him, how the hell did he fall off the Depth chart and you put in that Fat fcking piece of sht Glen Davis.

Jermaine Oneal whom I hated during the season, now i have becoming to like him because he has stepped up his game completely, which is what we fans expect for them to do. He is hitting hard, getting physicall, making an impact, putting fear and intimidation on the other team. What does that worthless Doc Rivers do, he keeps putting in Fat Glen Davis instead. I am just getting tired of this team for this reason. They have the players to make an impact but yet you guys keep playing around and using the worthless options. Doc Rivers wants to walk after this season, FCKING LET HIM, DON'T BOTHER WITH THIS AZZ-HOLE.