Thank you for Banner 17, I seriously dunno how you got it done, maybe the players were more hungry to play harder and helped cover your deficiencies.
I will boldly say this while others, specifically some Celtics fans, are too chicken and homer to say it, BUT YOU ARE A STINKING HORRIBLE COACH, seriously you are.

Your flaws and incompetance sometimes is what's killing this team. This, THING, about you that when a player or group of players are performing above average on the court, helping the team make a comeback or take a lead. Playing well on both sides of the ball and you for some Got dam reason take him/them and F*CKING SUB HIM/THEM OUT and put in players that are just beyond me. You have been doing this stupid sht for 3 years now with this talented team that you have on your hands and you did it last night. And you've done it on occasions where it actually lost the team games but you continue to go with this fcking pathetic, asinine practice.

The Fact that you are a sensitive coach and not take a harder approach to coaching makes me sick. You seemed soft and can't even motivate these players to play the game where they've learned from their mistakes. Please don't think twice about your decision this year. I am not like other Celtics fans who can't seem to let go and see this team without another coach. I'm ready for change and it starts with your lame azz. Please be gone after this year. I will gladly come help you pack, FOR FREE, and help you out to logan. Please remember me.