Defense and scoring...a big problem

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    Defense and scoring...a big problem

    Ok it's early and there is no need to panic, BUT this isn't but the same defensive team. We added offense but we dropped big time in defense. We need to get AB back ASAP.

    I'd like to see Rondo and Barbosa play more together to get easy baskets. Either Bass, Green or Sully need to be moved OR Doc needs to start playing Darko/Wilcox more. I don't know what's going on with Green but he needs to start just to get him more involved in the game.

    I'd like to see the lineups like this

    Rondo Barbosa PP Green KG

    Terry Lee PP/Green Bass Sully/Darko/Wilcox

    First guys off the bench are Terry and Bass, for Green. Then Green goes back in for PP at some point.

    We have to get more scoring to start the game. Right now our starting unit has two 34+ yr olds, a rookie, a SG that shouldn't be starting and a PG who is getting 20 assists and still losing.

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    Re: Defense and scoring...a big problem

    Judging from a limited batch of games last year, AB is the real deal on both offense and defense and I believe will make a huge difference when he returns fully healthy to the lineup.

    I would like to see Rondo get more rest when AB returns too.  I think Rondo gets mentally tired, especially on D when playing so many minutes.

    Agree that I would also like to see Darko and/or Collins play the middle, if for nothing more than to protect the now highy vulnerable lane and land a few bruises while KG rests.  

    Common back Avery!!!! We need you Bradley.

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    Re: Defense and scoring...a big problem

    Common back Avery!!!! We need you Bradley.


    It's still very early in the process to arrive any conclusions...In the end the Celtics are trying to intergrate a bunch new guys into the system and arrive at the right chemistry with substitutions. From the limited times I've seen them play the area that appears to be of concern to me is defensive rebounding (an achilies last year too)...Especially with Garnett on the bench.

    Offensively, we lack any real low post presense and once Rondo passes the ball when we're in the half court. I still see too much one on one and not enough ball movement. Pierce is the only guy that has the ability to put the ball on the floor and maintian his triple threat position....Bass in particular, when he gets the ball on the block, it rarely comes back out. I'd like to see him shoot it in rythm or kick out and re-establish his position...