Defense II

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    Defense II

    I agree w/ one-on-one and fiercest. Cs D is horrible. Is Frank still and assistant coach? I really only saw the wizzards game and Wall didn't even play. Their wasn't one Celtic who kept his man in front of him. I think the Cs were trying to double team everything (??). I can see trying double team a Wade or LBJ or ? maybe even John Wall. But, AJ Price?? or Beal. (Pargo has no fear of RR). Doc has always needed someone to coach the defense and if the Cs don't have a defensive specialist coach, then they are really in trouble. They had a difficult time playing the pick n roll last couple yrs and even when Thib was assistant. They need to go back to basics and then improve on it. Also (?maybe excluding Wilcox), they don't have any big who can play D! Even KG is only a shell of how he played 5yrs ago and he always played better D as a pf. Am I wrong or is Barbosa the only one on the team who can play D and no forward or center can play D well. None who can block shots, play their man with good technique and/or aggressiveness, quickness with being able to help teamates when they get out of position.

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    Re: Defense II

       Celtics are in trouble!!