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Delonte....... really

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    Re: Delonte....... really

    randy moss had issues before he came to the Patriots, some would say he still does, but his performance has been pretty good.  don't see why west can't have a couple good years, he's only 27, made some mistakes, but played some good ball.  I like some of the wildcard players they've added this off season, they add up to a nice x factor.  also, it will be good having a player who can get in LeBron's head before they even tip off, I'd love to hear some of that trash talking get caught on tape.
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    Re: Delonte....... really

    Delonte is not just an asset, he's an asset with 3 guns! 
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    Re: Delonte....... really

    Delonte West is a solid back up at point and at shooting guard and Ainge is paying him short money.

    What's the problem?

    If he causes problems you cut him and still have Daniels, Robinson and Wafer as back up gaurds not to mention Bradley.  if he has his head on straight he is better then any of those guys of the bench.  If you don't know that then you don't know basketball.
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    Re: Delonte....... really

    Delonte West was the
    best player available, at the time of his signing.

    When your choices are limited, that's how you draft players and that's how you sign free agents.  Regardless of position.

    Danny is acquiring trading pieces instead of signing mediocre players to fill a position chart.  Look for a roster adjustment after Doc kicks the tires and drives it around the block a few times.