Deron to Turkey

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    Re: Deron to Turkey

    It's good that some NBA players come to europe now. Finally I get a chance to see them playing a little closer to my home. In fact in october Besiktas comes to Belgium to play Bergen/ Mons, if there is still a lockout I could perhaps watch the game as I am Belgian. IT would still take me one and a half hours of driving but last time i saw nba players playing was  after 9 hours of flight to NYC. I think it's a good opportunity to increase the popularity in Europe! I like it!
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    Re: Deron to Turkey

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    [QUOTE]If this happens I may have to move to Turkey and gobble up some tickets to the turkey team. JK my allegience lies with the C's lockout or not.
    Posted by DFURY13[/QUOTE]
      If you do go to Turkey, don't try to smuggle anything illegal back to the U.S when you return. Do you remember the movie Midnight Express? Don't do what Billy did? I'm justing joshing with ya.