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Destined to lose?

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    Destined to lose?

    When you reflect back, it just seemed the stars were not aligned this year.

    How many injuries can one team sustain... the Celts maybe had the most injuries to key players in NBA history the past few years,,, we still competed and made deep runs in the playoffs.

    THis year we get past the Knicks... it all looks like its coming together.. everyone fairly healthy , JON is back playing better than expected... even Shaq looks like he may be able to go in the 2nd round..  THen the snake bites again...

    Shaq comes back... looking about 50% until he turns to run upcourt and hesitates... does a double take at his ankle..ouch... finished out a few series looking like someones grandma trying to move.. games/series/season/career over

    Rndo snaps his arm in the wrong direction... Im thinking Joe Theisman is watching I dont feel so bad..  the kid comes back.. not next game but 20 mins later.. sparks the C's to a win but that was where the adrenelain wore off.. from that point on, Rondo is a shell of himself and contributes very little..  Thats 2 starters down....

    Then JON figures it felt pretty good laying down getting a massage courtside, watching a playoff game.. hes gone too..

    What a mess... but still the Celts are leading the game.. somehow holding on.. they cant pull away but the Heat cant jump them... not yet, anyway..  enter David Sterns NBA officials..

    THey were trying hard all game to make sure the HEat were in a position to win... now they made sure of it..

    How could this Celtic team have overcome all these setbacks the entire year and especially in the playoffs and move forward?  Well, they couldnt..

    Truth is we've had the best team in the NBA for 4 straight years imo.. but due to an enormous amount of injuries.... and ur precious refs...  we come away with one NBA title..  Seems unfair but when put in perspective with families struggling to pay bills and people with serious illnesses etc... its not such a big deal..

    Bottom line, the journey is usually more fun than winning the title... the ups & downs.. coupled with all the pressure... not a bad 4 years at all.
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    Re: Destined to lose?

    In Response to Re: Destined to lose?: That's the game where I started having doubts about the Celtics. In that game the Celtics got beat on almost every loose ball. And it was so frustrating seeing a 6'8 Reggie Evans outrebound KG and Shaq. This season the Celtics just don't have the hops anymore. If you look at the OKC vs. Memphis series you would see guys flying in the air grabbing rebounds like they were on a trampoline.
    Posted by Fiercest34

    Cant argue with that...  good point
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    Re: Destined to lose?

    Age caught up with Boston towards the end of the season. They made a great start but towards the end they were losing on a constant basis. Didn't really bode well for the post season.

    They produced a miracle run in the play-offs last season, but that's hard to keep replicating and it puts a lot of pressure on the players, securing home court should be the goal no matter what. Sure you can still lose in the first round even with home court, but it's still a nice advantage to have.

    Considering where Boston was in 2007, I think the Celtics Fans can be pretty happy with the last four seasons. You've had a competitive fun team again, and perhaps it won't be too long before they're back as a competive team again.

    A scary thing for Boston would have been if you lost in the first or second round in 2008. Both those series went to seven. Which to me is still rather unbelievable. It's easy to conceive that one of those game sevens could have been lost, and then there would be no title for this team. And that was a possibility when you played Atlanta and Cleveland.

    Just glad for Boston in the sense that your great players of the past got to see another Celtics championship. That's not such a bad thing from a sports fans perspective.

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    Re: Destined to lose?

    I think the 3-year window was a realistic expectation and we did manage to win it all at the first go, in itself a stellar achievement.  I know I'm one of those with less faith this year, as I didn't think the Celts would even get past the 1st round, but I've to admit at being a bit disappointed we couldn't pull through against the Heat when it came to squeaky-bum time.  Especially after taking out the Knicks in such a professional manner.

    Anyways, time to move on.  I know PP said that we'll remain contenders again next year but he can't really say anything else, can he?  It'll be interesting to see what Ainge does, as it's clearly rebuilding time and, in my opinion, no player is indispensible.