after the celts game i found a free way to check out the fight online and couldnt believe my eyes. have to say ifelt a lot better after seeing manny get totally crawforded. you think the nba refs are bad and blind, watch that fight. manny was just being manny as he pummeled bradley. all agreed even after the fight that he won the first 5 rounds. i came in around the 6th and he routinely hit bradley and did the sugar ray by ending with a flourish in the last minute of each round. bradley was clearly defeated. had his head down, kept saying i just cant shake or hit him. even after the fight he said point blank "i will have to look at the video to see if i really won or not".. i've never seen a guy more apolegetic for a win. the crowd booed, every brother at ringside turned on their fellow brotha for it was such an outrage of a decision. you had 2 steveie wonder guys calling it 113-115 and another squeezing pac at 115-113. he should have won 116-112 at the worse on all 3 crowds.