Did KG have money on last night's game?

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    Did KG have money on last night's game?

    I never watch non-Celtics games anymore. The NBA has become an absolute joke. The product is garbage thanks to the officiating issues. I am tryinjg to quit completely. But against my better judgement I still watch the occasional Celtics game. I figured it was Lakers/Celtics Why not?

    Big mistake. I can deal with losing. Even to a mediocre team like LA. It's not like the Celtics are world beaters this year either. But to just hand a game to team the way the Celtics did last night was disgusting. I can't remember the last time I was that frustrated.

    For KG to continue to jack up shots late in the game even though he is ice cold was so far beyond selfish I still can't believe he did it. And the three at the end of regulation was so disrespectful to the fans and his teammates. It's like he's not even taking the game seriously. It's a big joke to him. He's bricked his last 7 or 8 shots. Even if he was on fire he has no business taking that shot. To me that was no better than just throwing it up from half court. I just can't figure this guy out.

    Half the time he rolls for a quarter or two and then his balls dissapear- he absolutely refuses to take a shot or back his man down. Even if the team is struggling offensively. Then, other times (like last night) he couldn't the broad side of a barn with the damn basketball and he has the biggest stones in the building and heaves up a shot every time he touches the ball. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to his play.

    I haven't seen anything this selfish since Ray's 0-17 helped the refs steal the 2010 title from us. The guy is 7 feet tall. How about getting in the paint and getting some easy buckets. And maybe helping to stop every team on earth from outrebounding the Celtics? You know, actually earn some of your ridiculous salary. Instead of shooting 16 footers like a coward.

    I've really stood up for this guy from the beginning. I bought into the hype because he ACTS tough. But toughness isn't about screaming like a pycho or fake intensity.The more I watch this guy the more I think has a little LeBron in him.

    Not to mention the cheapshot and other antics. Puching a guy's junk? That is a dirtbag punk move. Period. I am so pissed at him right now. I'm starting to think there is a reason Minnesota never won a title. The same reason Cleveland never won. The same reason Orlando will never win one and Miami will never win one unless Wade carries them there.

    I think KGs days as a starter should be over. But that doesn't mean he can't still help the team. He really needs to pull his head out of you know what.

    His act is getting old.
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    Re: Did KG have money on last night's game?

    Ray went 0-17 in a game?