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Dirk or McHale all time at Power Forward?

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    Re: Dirk or McHale all time at Power Forward?

    The all time stuff is a disservice to players I think. All time, all around power forward probably would be Tim Duncan if we must go there. But all these guys were/are great, great players with different strengths.

    McHale was unique because he played so well with his back to the basket, he gave his team the impact of playing two pivot men, while he could take the tough defensive forward assignment, whether that forward was a small or power forward.

    Dirk is IMO the best scoring PF to play the game. If your team needs a ton of firepower from that position and have that guy be the guy that gets the ball as a game closer, he's your man.

    Malone was a great one, tremendous speed for his size and executed the Utah system to perfection, a different twist on PF as closer.

    KG's intensity, mid range jumper and defensive game were all jaw dropingly good. But the guy taking the last shot in the game? Forget Boston where they have PP at small forward to close, KG wasn't a closer with the T-Wolves.

    Naming one the best of all-time at the expense of other great tends to diminish how great others were. Sure, Bird was probably best small forward ever but what about Baylor and Dr. J just to name two. Magic Johnson the best point guard but what about the Big O and John Stockton?

    Sometimes it seems it should just be enough to say Dirk and McHale were great? 
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    Re: Dirk or McHale all time at Power Forward?

    dirk has better teeth