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Do "correctable mistakes" correct themselves?

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    Do "correctable mistakes" correct themselves?

    Jason Terry has been referencing "correctable mistakes" all year after squirting the ball all over the place.

    But don't you have to show some improvement by now, if you actually can improve?


    Terry may just be a nonchalant, careless passer. Last night he had a few terrible giveaways and more than few hold-your-breath soft, bad angle floaters that somehow made it.

    Bradley, God love him, somehow cannot finish at the rim no matter how quick he is nor how high he jumps. He may just be a guy with hands just a bit too small and arms just a bit too short, a guy who doesn't have good peripheral sense for opponents near him, and, right now, a guy who doesn't stutter, alter, or vary speeds with the ball to help get off shots. Will it happen ever, or is this it for him?

    Wilcox and Bass together gave up 4-5 unmolested hoops. I really don't understand what they were doing that they could not be aware that very tall men in red standing next to them one moment were alone and dunking the next. I don't see this being easily corrected.

    Pierce, whose stock has really shot up with me during this post-Rondo era, is holding this thing together despite numerous egregious turnovers, forced, by getting picked, and unforced, by throwing just horrible passes for no particular reason at all. Last night it was 7. That's maybe 4-5 shot attempts, maybe some free-throws, maybe 2-3 made FGs. Not to mention the momentum kill. He just may never correct these mistakes.

    And yet, despite it all, they, along with Green's 43, took the Heat down to the last seconds, and you can make a case, despite it all, that just one fewer of those 22 turnovers and it's the biggest win of the year.

    Something good is going on with this team. Hopefully Doc and the coaches actually can make Terry a better passer, Bradley a better finisher, Wilcox and Bass more alert defenders and Pierce a little less carelsss.

    They've already done a good job with their hearts. 


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