Do we have any coaching? At all?

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    Do we have any coaching? At all?

    Reggie Miller is saying all night the scouting report on Wade and James is to make them go right.  Don't we know this?  Watched Ray all night force Wade to the left? 

    Baby or Jermaine?  Enough said.

    Jeff Green seemed the only one able to slow down Lebron last night.  Ditto West on Wade.  Scored tied 80 - 80.  Out go the ones that got us there, Green and West in come RA and PP.  12 - 0 run.  Game over!!!  Keep Rondo out put Pierce on Wade and Green on Lebron.

    How many pick and rolls did you see last night?  Especially 2nd half?  Maybe a play or two during that 12-0 run?  Is it just me???

    Oh and "we want KG to take 20 shots!!!"  Fine if they are in the paint.  Where were the low post picks to give him GOOD looks.

    Why can't we make adjustments IN GAME???

    Ok my heads going to explode.  Enough.

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    Re: Do we have any coaching? At all?

    Good points... I still dont buy into getting KG in the post.. I prefer he take his spot up jumpers, which he usually shoots with great acuracy..

    Lets face it, KG in the post means a fall away jumper and thats about it.  His minutes are usually limited and working in the post will tire him out even faster.... and , of course, he has no power move from in the post... hes as soft as they come for a 7 footer when it comes to playing underneath.  Why put him in that spot?  Heck, last night he had a dunk that he turned into a fall away jumper that Lebron smacked down to earth...

    Nobody on our team can finish under the basket with the possible exception of JON.. BBD used to have some success but his game has evaporated.... cant even make layups anymore cause he fears a blocked shot ... cant even get to the line either..

    Shaq can finish but hes turned into KG 2009....

    Remember, the HEat had 9 blocks last night...9!!  and they are the much smaller team.

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    Re: Do we have any coaching? At all?

    PACelt, i'm sure if you were the coach we would be in the same situation we're in now...down 0-2 and no hope in guys crack me up with all your suggestions and stratagies...they don't mean squat.