Doc & Paul versus Valentine & Youk

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    Doc & Paul versus Valentine & Youk

    Remember in the Spring Bobby V's comments regarding Youk not having the same energy, enthusiasm, and mental attitude?  And the uproar it caused?

    Now Doc says “I just don’t think Paul is as athletic as he used to be.  Where before it was great having the luxury of knowing that at any time you swing it to Paul, he’ll beat his guy and score, now guys are doing a better job staying with him, and so we feel like we have to get a body off of him.  We felt that last year but Paul didn’t feel that.  Now Paul feels that, and that’s good. He’s already good at pin-downs, coming off of them but it’s still an adjustment for him and he’s got to get used to it.”

    Apparently Paul concurs, or at least is wise enough to acknowledge the coach's wishes, no whining, no uproar, just goes about doing his job for the betterment of the team, while keeping his mouth shut.

    Very refreshing.

    Kudos to Paul.


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    Re: Doc & Paul versus Valentine & Youk

    I agree...with Doc and Paul you are dealing with a couple of professionals. They have a high level of respect for each other and for the game.

    Respect is something that was in short supply with Valentine and the Red really there is no comparison.