Well I have mixed emotions about this one. I like Doc but I still can't get over the fact that in the last 2 years the the Cs have lost major games that were winnable. I'm sure I'll hear a lot of rhectoric (trades and injuries) but the fact is that the Cs were ahead in must win playoff games with under 5 minutes then they blow it. Somewhere the coach has to be able to hold on to a lead jut by coaching...putting your players in position to bring it home. Three must win playoff games (Game 7 last year) and Game 4 & 5 this year Pierce's man hits a crucial 3. No adjustments made.
Go back to last year when Phil Jackson in a timeout (open mike) tells his team be patient cause the Cs will fold in the 4th. They did. How did he know? Great coaches do great things and since 2008 the Cs have just been a good playoff team. Now we can blame DA for trades and injury to KG....fact is the Cs have lost in the last 5 minutes of games we could of and should of won. 

5 more years